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Thread: 2 blends - jackson 5 & Mario

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    Default 2 blends - jackson 5 & Mario

    J-5 Vs. rappers delight oldschool flava

    Mario Vs. today was a good day mushy love song meets some west coast gangst sh**

    Old sh**

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    Default Re: 2 blends - jackson 5 & Mario

    The first one was rather original, nic emix evrything was on point , beta flowed nice iwth teh pella.

    The second one, u used one of my fav beats every, but marios singing didnt fit well into the beat, its mad hard to get singing to flow with the beat because wen ppl sing tehy sing in scales and notes and it hard to get it to match to differnet beat, the hook flowed alright tho. Nice work and thanx for your feedback ,like to hear original stuff, tired of dat crunk, dirty south stuff.
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    Default Re: 2 blends - jackson 5 & Mario

    thanks hommie

    I'm usually guilty of the crunk / hyphy sh**, but I'm coming out with more hiphop on this site. Your only a product of your own environment. Now that people will actually listen to my remixes & blends even though they dont feature LiL Jon, I'm gonna make em ( I like those better anyways )

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    Default Re: 2 blends - jackson 5 & Mario

    Good Looking Out Gonna Play In The Club!

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    Default Re: 2 blends - jackson 5 & Mario

    thanks for checking it out, the jackson 5 blend was played in one of the clubs here for a lil while by DJ EQ

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    Default Re: 2 blends - jackson 5 & Mario

    These are tight...the mario acapella needs to be a little louder...other than that very creative

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    Default Re: 2 blends - jackson 5 & Mario

    Yeah I agree with the acapella needing to be louder, but the rest of it sounds nice.

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    Default Re: 2 blends - jackson 5 & Mario

    like the first, but i didnt really like the second

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    Default Re: 2 blends - jackson 5 & Mario

    thanks for checkin it out yall

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    Default Re: 2 blends - jackson 5 & Mario

    that jackson 5 blend was fireee....the bassline went perfect witht eh vocals... is there any way u can send me that i want you back acapella.. ui been lookin for 2 moinths... appreciate it..

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    Default Re: 2 blends - jackson 5 & Mario

    nice blend...liked it alot

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