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Thread: Selling Drops LOW PRICES!!!

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    Icon4 Selling Drops LOW PRICES!!!

    Alright I have free time on my hands for the summer so I'll be making Drops/Tags for anyone that wants some.

    Keep in mind I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL

    These are meant to be simple and clean without too much effect (but still some) to put over any part of a track and not sound all cluttered. I could also do those effects like lazers, horns, explosions ect. for the types of Drops that go in the very beginning of a track but will cost extra. Extra explanation at the bottom.


    1 Simple / Dry / Minor Effects = $3

    1 Complex / Radio Style / GENERIC = $5

    1 Complex / Radio Style / Custom = $10

    * SIMPLE one of the first 3 styles you hear in the sample. Delays/Reverb/Pitch Shift/Tempo Shifts all available. Requests / Scripts Accepted, although it is suggested you keep it short and sweet

    * GENERIC means that the effect you hear on the last drop in the sample is the exact sound effect you will receive but with your name added. (I have put together this sound effect myself and now using as a regular template)

    * CUSTOM means I have to go out and put together something different then the last drop on the sample. Takes more time, accepts requests if you have an idea of how you want it to sound.


    If you order Generic or Custom you will also receive the Dry/Simple vocal used to create the drop free of charge

    All Drops/Tags are saved in WAV format, but can be converted to 320bit MP3 if needed.

    Drops Can be sent via Email or PM

    I can be reached through this thread or PM

    !!!PAYPAL ONLY!!! PM me for paypal email

    Once again, I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL, I provide clean and simple drops at reasonable prices.
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    Default Re: Selling Drops LOW PRICES!!!

    where else can i hear ? the link is dead


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