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    Default This be what I Does....

    1st Mock Flyer I tried to do

    2nd Mock Flyer

    A Tshirt I did for my boyfriend's Friends and their group

    Advertisement Banner for my magazine

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    Free Cover I did for a DJ on myspace

    Business card i made for my business

    Magazine Im working on now

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    my favorite is def the second one, cant really explain why, its like a simple look to it but at the same time its eye catching and the Obama cover is hot, kinda made me think Obama put out a record at first, til I read the caption...thought it was gonna be some fireside chat type stuff

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    again its all hot my favorite is prolly the cover i just think the font used for time and change is a little plain shaped you know? im more into the scripts and flashy text, the rest is all real hot too the only real thing i think you should change is on the mag cover to add more then just a picture and have the rest black, most covers are you know more filled so it catches the eye of the reader maybe a little less white text too but keep up the good work
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