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Thread: Space Invader (NEW)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikie Slapz View Post
    I was making a trippy ass beat the other night and I thought that I should name my upcoming project, "Space Invader." I then opened PS and went to work. I still dont know if I want it to be a album or mixtape, Im leanin toward mixtape cause I wanna jack some beats.

    But check it out and give me some feedback, if any.

    Im def diggen the mixtape u make beats, rap, & do graphics.... thats whatsup

    Idk if u normally work with other producers but all of my shit is industry quality & promise you wont be dissapointed

    check me out at SoundClick artist: Mike Nef - page with MP3 music downloads then hit me up & lets talk business
    all my info is in my sig

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    Shit is hot to me...I'm feelin pretty much all the elements to this one...pretty much the ONLY thing I would change on this one is put the "the" in "Starring as the..." with the main text (the part that says "Space Invader", so it reads "The Space Invader" instead of just "Space Invader", you know?)...aside from that, shit is hot. 8)

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    Damn mikey that pic is slappin..... Lol
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