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Thread: Some Soundclick layouts

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    I love those. Moreso, the flash ones. I really need to open my Flash & stop being so lazy.

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    Yeah you should try it, personally I hate flash with a passion but it has to be done when it's requested.

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    Default Re: Some Soundclick layouts

    Yo you have some serious skills fam!! I wish I knew how to do layouts like that.

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    Default Re: Some Soundclick layouts

    real recognize real.............................................. .....gud wrk........................

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    Default Re: Some Soundclick layouts

    Yeah I remember seeing Swift Beats page forever ago and I've always wondered who did his page cause it was so dope. I think I'll definitely hit you up for my next layout man, you've got skills.

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    Thanks guys.

    The swift beats page was the first one I did, I remember having badddd designer block cos of never doing one before but just went with my style and it turned out decent unfortunately I now see loads of people copying me with the whole neon line stuff =/ but ah well.

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    nice man

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    Default Re: Some Soundclick layouts

    good work bro plz make tutorials tnx

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