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Thread: Parking Lot Massacre [Hot Mixtape Cover] FEEDBACC PLEASE!

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    Icon14 Parking Lot Massacre [Hot Mixtape Cover] FEEDBACC PLEASE!

    new cover i did for somebody leave feedbacc

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    Default Re: Parking Lot Massacre [Hot Mixtape Cover] FEEDBACC PLEASE!

    Overall...the cd cover looks pretty nice....but theres a few things that bother me....the entire composition is really blue/greyish...and in the background there is two really bright red lights....These lights are somewhat distracting and kind of make no sense for how desaturated the design is. I also think that the color of the cars is kind of weird....simply just too much desaturation.....Id try to bring alittle more color into it...or atleast remove the faint colors of the cars......Lastly, Id consider not tilting the text...or atleast not to both...just seems like alittle too much tiltage...maybe you already played with it...haha....I tried to be as constructively critical as possible...I hope this helps!

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    Default Re: Parking Lot Massacre [Hot Mixtape Cover] FEEDBACC PLEASE!

    overall 9/10... i could see what beancity said but i think its a matter of opinon the 2 things i noticed is the car on the left isnt the correct POV (i know you gotta work with what ya have lol) and the rims to the right are further in the shot then the ones on the left present the illusion that the camero is uncentered... but dope GFX

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