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Thread: new website , need feedback

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    graphics/background is dope. the overall layout is ok could be better organized, and the speaker images get kind of redundant try something else?

    otherwise its pretty cool! | Just listen.
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    Default Re: new website , need feedback

    Something no one has commented on (as far as I can see), is the intro page you have. The intro page does two things for you:
    • Reduce your Google ranking because there is much less content on the intro page, meaning you can't effectively place your keywords anywhere besides image titles, which won't help you too much
    • Increase bounce rate, as users won't want to click another link to get to your site. Why should a user have to use this funnel: Google -> Intro page -> Main site when they are going to be accustomed to Google -> Main site.
    So I would just remove it.

    Also remove your AdSense tower. It extends beyond your layout on my screen (not beyond the window, just the main black background container), which makes it just look bad. Also, the way AdWords works, is that it will either display:
    • Retargeted ads, meaning ads about something the user has looked up before. So, if I've visited an online mountain biking store recently, I'm obviously interested in mountain biking. Therefore, your ad tower may display an ad about mountain biking, so I will leave your site to look at more biking products.
    • Content ads, meaning the ads are about the content on your site. This means the ads would be about beats, meaning you'll be displaying ads that are directly related to your competitors.
    Both of these make users leave your site and decrease sales.

    Also on some of your inner pages, the content extends beyond that black background container. Your background image already has that big background rectangle integrated in it, so maybe there's nothing you can do about that, unless you added it yourself. So I would either keep the content inside the black rectangle, because otherwise it looks incorrect, or drop the whole black rectangle and have your background as a full design image like the one you have now. You would need to add solid color backgrounds (maybe slightly transparent) behind your blocks of text, and making everything readable will take some careful consideration of placement and color, but I think it would look pretty nice like that.

    Other than that, I would work on proofreading your site and fixing all grammar and typos. It just reads sort of unprofessional right now, so even if the design was perfect, I probably wouldn't buy because the grammar is synonymous with shady/scam websites, so just fix that up. Wouldn't take more than 1-2 hours.

    Also, if you're at the computer a lot, you can integrate a live chat service to immediately answer any questions your visitors might have and increase sales. We use it for some of our clients and it works great.
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    Default Re: new website , need feedback

    haha but seriously. It serves its purpose but the links on the sidebar of the production tab look unprofessional. Some start with lower case and others start upper case. The font is a tad bit too small also, making it a strain to read sometimes.

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    Default Re: new website , need feedback

    I think the over all look of this website design service site and layout is simply great and in fact i did looked up and it's look is just absolutely fine.
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