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Thread: New @ this<<need feed back

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    Default New @ this<<need feed back

    i am getting my feet wet,with photoshop.Figured why someone when i can do them and just get them printed.
    anyways have a look and hopefully there decent enough to catch ppl's eye.
    thanks by the way for the feedback(hopefully ill get some feed bac)

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    Default Re: New @ this<<need feed back

    I get a bad rep when it comes to giving feedback on graphics.. so I'm just going to say keep working at it, but those covers aren't doing it for me at all. You're just starting out like you said though. Look into finding tutorial sites and such. TutsPlus is a great premium tutorial place that you can learn from beginner to advanced, I even have a membership and I do graphics for a living.

    As far as wanting to design CD artwork for print then here's some things you'll want to keep in mind - in my experience most professional printers want 1600x1600 dimensions (sometimes plus bleed) at the very least, you'll want a resolution of no less than 300DPI, and you want to design in CYMK. Really though I'd focus on learning the basics and practicing before putting your own out on your music.
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    Default Re: New @ this<<need feed back

    You should work on your TEXT skills. Learn how to blend different pictures together so it doesn't all look like you cut and pasted them together. Everything should look like they belong together in the same picture.

    Those are some of the basics and Lethal Illness hooked you up with a link. Good luck.


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