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Thread: New Cover for St.Louis rapper, Ruka Puff

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    Icon6 Drake Mixtape Cover [Sample] by Korner GFX NEW

    I took the mixtape cover that was here at first off & posted my latest. Let me know what you think...

    Designed by Numbaz for Korner GFX/ Korner Ent. 2009
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    Default Re: New Cover for St.Louis rapper, Ruka Puff

    not feeling nun of this bro bad stock bad text 2 much going on in this stock you prob should go with a stock from da stl since it says meet me in the lou

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    MJL you are the king
    (demand me)

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    Default Re: New Cover for St.Louis rapper, Ruka Puff

    naah, I used a stl stock for volume 1, he said it was played. @ the request of him I was told to use these two stocks (the sky & the buidling, I just added lightning).

    But I appreciate the feedback fam. Im trying to top everything I do
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    Default Re: New Cover for St.Louis rapper, Ruka Puff

    horrible text homie nice try tho!

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    Default Re: New Cover for St.Louis rapper, Ruka Puff

    Just updated this thread. I forgot it was even up

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    Default Re: New Cover for St.Louis rapper, Ruka Puff

    I really like the concept.. I just think the text really needs to be changed. The test you have kinda throws off the whole thing, including the vibe of the whole piece. I dont care what people say i think the pic and background is hot, the texture used at the top is actually pretty good, could be blended a little better, Im just saying the text throws it all off, if you change that it will be a really hot graphic. Keep it up man.
    Thats my feedback that probably doesnt help at all. haha

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