And by block, I mean like a fuckin mountain. I can't come up with SHIT..

Here are sized-down versions of the half-assed photoshoot we did at our boy's "mansion". I have the original 5 megapixel shots on file..

Anyways, back on topic. I'm not even sure of the direction we are headed as far as the cover is concerend.. The mixtape really has a variety of tracks on it, everything from us clownin around to a serious joint dedicated to his troubles with his mamma. Story raps, punchlines, concepts, its all there. We aren't some kids tryin' to be hardasses, and we don't pretend to be, so no thuggish-lookin' shit, just because that isnt us.

Here's all I've got so far.. Shit is fuckin BLAND as FUCK!! (Once again, this is sized down.. the real file is 1200x1200 @ 300dpi)