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Thread: My New Shit

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    Default My New Shit

    Some new shit i be tryin after lookin at some tutorials and takin peoples advice on here

    Hip-Hop Comic Book


    Dip Set (i know the text could be better but hey)

    Jeezy TRAP or DIE

    SWAGGA Like US(i dont really like this one too tough but fuck it)

    Please Feed Tha Rapper

    "get me the cheddar stackin my bread up the hood had me fed up..//
    had to get lettuce my money my fetish//
    cash i got to get it debit or credit//
    give me the money or ya deaded ya head will get severed//
    mail ya body to the devil to hell i will send it//
    i only beat bitch -----s you could say i was sexist//"


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    Default Re: My New Shit

    the letting could blend with the pictures better. I am by no means the person to tell you how to do that. But other than that overall they aren't bad. Kind of interesting

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    Default Re: My New Shit

    in the first one i can see you are getting better and better
    as for the other ones
    keep practicing with text and effects

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    Default Re: My New Shit

    That cartoon was kinda hot! You should have had Khaled sayin "WE DA BEST!" LOL! but I can see you are gettin better!

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