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Thread: Latest Work

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    lighten up on the glausen blur.
    its too blurry at times.."Dreamy"

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    that was exactly the point. i wanted some of them to look dreamy
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    Sorry but I'm not diggin' any of em to be brutally honest, they all seem incomplete & not blended at all. For me the easiest way to blend different renders/photos together is by the use of gradient maps. The last one seems decent but the rest needs some more work. take your time, read & watch a lot of tutorials & keep practicing. I like the logo though. Keep it up and you could become a good graphics designer.
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    these dont seem to be at par with what u usually post, all but the last 'kicks' one.. thats dope

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    NIce I like them

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    Default Re: Latest Work

    Very nice just ease up on the blur...

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    Default Re: Latest Work

    They str8. But I like the "kicks" one and the "soul cafe" one in particular. For the others, I think u should try more blending procedures.


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    yea the "<3 kicks" image is pretty nice

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    The Kicks image was hot.. And your logo is amazing as well..
    but the other ones.. some seemed like they werent blended right..
    also some seemed way too airbrushed in points...
    but none the less they are still good..
    keep it up

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    thanks to everyone for the feedback.
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    Default Re: Latest Work

    nice pictures.........

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    Default Re: Latest Work

    i know you dont like when people comment on your older posts but i've been away for awhile so you'll have to forgive me ha...that said....
    for the first one i think it would be hot with personalization like a name or maybe like a quote on it, i think its got real potential.
    the second one i would use as a mixtape cover if my album was ready ha, i mean change the game out for me obviously and put me on the wanted poster and have the girl be the cop.

    The T.I. pic is hot IMO, honestly its my favorite one on here

    I wasn't really feeling the sean g one, its just seemed..."rushed" i guess, like you just threw it together last minute.

    I like that you brought your signature lambo back haha, I can't lie that one grew on me after looking at it a couple times, it might be able to be improved but I like it the way it is too.

    The rainbow rider I'll admit looks cool (no homo) but as a guy i wouldn't use it but i doubt that was your target market for that one anyway.

    I like the idea of the mellow sensations, I could see that being a cover for like a trey songz or pleasure p mixtape.

    Soul cafe is hot, simple straight forward, and its hot.

    the kicks thing is hot too, i like the color scheme, the placement of everything, its hot

    Overall I like your work 'cause you're not afraid to try new things and experiment, and while everything may not turn out perfect, you come up with a lot of cool images for sure.

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    Default Re: Latest Work

    Stop the blur, not a good look, and work on your blending.
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    Good work


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