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Thread: Jr Writer//Write Movement//Mixtape Cover

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    Default Jr Writer//Write Movement//Mixtape Cover

    got bored an whipped up something, tryna go two months ina row with the gfx artist of the month ya dig. thank for all feedback

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    Default Re: Jr Writer//Write Movement//Mixtape Cover

    ant feeling this one bro to much pink lights and shit going on u should have made jr blend with the bk ground more and the main txt ant that good

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    Default Re: Jr Writer//Write Movement//Mixtape Cover

    I'm not really diggin the pink. it doesn't blend well.
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    Default Re: Jr Writer//Write Movement//Mixtape Cover

    Feel the same about this as your other work, the text doesnt stand out enough to me, I think the text is nice and clean and the cover is executed nicely. just the text needs to be more bold.

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