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Thread: halo 3 sig..

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    Default halo 3 sig..

    A lil halo 3 Sig i made for my homie...for our clan...=]..leave feedback on what chu tink...

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    i like the backround and the character, but the things i dont like, the backround could be clearer and u dont have alot of effects, so put more effects on the words and back round and it'll be hot, peace

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    Default Re: halo 3 sig..

    i dont like tha background..but i like the eagle thing lol the badge lol
    and different font too
    but hey, at least its not for COD4 lol

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    Default Re: halo 3 sig..

    Come on now mh, don't be hating on COD4. ;)

    It's not really my style but it is better than what I can do with Photoshop so I'll give you props.

    Only real complaint is that it's REALLY big for a signature. Besides that, it's cool.
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    I'm sorry to say this, but it looks horrible. Looks like you took some pics and just put them together. The halo guy shouldn't be having blue light shining, But i think you should make him red/yellow to make him fit in the whole picture. I don't like the fonts either, there are more suitable fonts for a picture like this... Maybe you should look for them

    Rated: 4/10

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    I'm sorry but I'm not diggin' it at all. its too big to be a sig the size i use is 360x120 pixels not inches, i say that cuz i can tell you're a beginner and just numbers doesn't help out at all unless you mess around with it. but anyway i see you got a render and a background, a little light effect and that's pretty much it. the blending looks too obvious. I would at least change the blue on the halo guy to match with the fire cuz the blue doesn't match with anything. and just read and watch a lot of tutorials. after you do that and start applying the stuff you learned to your work you will see improvement. That and practice a lot. you will get better as time goes by.
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