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    Whats Good Guys, for those of you reading this thread thanks for you interest,

    I have recently gone into partnership with an artist i have been working with for a few year now, the aim is to upload new music, freestyles, cyphers, music videos, every thing!!

    To give you an idea of what were doing here is a video we have uploaded to start with till we get to june!!

    And to give you an idea of how serious we are! here are some numbers, we aim to upload a minimum of 1 video per week!! thats 52 videos a year!!

    I have 154 facebook friends, and 1000+ followers on twitter,
    my partner has 500 facebook friends, 4500+ followers, & 2500+ likes on his facebook page
    we are both part of labels im with an indie label in NY but live in the UK, and he is based in London with an indie label,

    So we have a good reach across the UK and US, the aim will be to start with us too doing the vids and once we get a certain number of views bring in other artists, etc for the freestyles etc,

    We aim to hit 5-10k views per video, so 52 videos a year x 5-10k views = 260,000 - 520,000 a year !!!

    So what were looking for, We need some one willing to work along side us and create a full professional Youtube Layout, plus a twitter duplicate to promote the channel!!

    We would also be looking to get a vector Logo designed and an intro GFX animation for our videos,

    I have a small budget for this, however i am looking for serious designers who are not all about big money and pay checks to start,
    This could be a great opportunity, on the layout you can add in your designed by tag, which would mean when people view our channel they see our custom background and would see your name!!
    or i can sort out $$$

    This could increase your business opportunitys as well as that, we would be willing to have a video on the channel with your services etc, kinda like an advert,

    So if you have what it takes then hit me up right now and lets talk business!! is the best way to contact me, i already have some prices from companys etc who could create the layout etc, but i feel an indie designer is the way to go, as i want to create opportunities for everyone,

    thanks for your time and look forward to hearing from you about business!!!

    i do have $$$ so if its money your looking for instead then get at me but need this asap

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    Default Re: Graphics needed asap

    If you're serious & have a decent budget I can work with you.
    Custom logo's: $150 - $300
    Album Covers: $100 - $200
    Website (1-10 Pages): $250 - $1200
    Youtube/Twitter Layouts: $80
    SC Layouts: $120 - $250

    Serious inquires only: or
    I'll send a Quote Request Form for you to fill out. Then we'll go from there...I don't do free work or work for "Promotion".
    If you wan't quality work you're going to have to invest.

    Here is a little taste of my work: YOUNG ZAY until I launch my DesignsByZay Online Portfolio site.
    New beat tape "Project Cali" is available for download!

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    Default Re: Graphics needed asap

    Just sent you an email.

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    Default Re: Graphics needed asap

    Email sent, with ALL the info you need to get started. From your vision to my creation, lets work. #iHustle365Nation




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