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    Hey guys, I am a designer and I can help you to have fresh, mega quality artwork. I do leaflets, mixtape/single/album covers, logos, leaflets, twitter layouts and headers, youtube headers/layouts.


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    Would you like to share some of your artwork so that I can view and analyze to make the final decision about the order placement.Actually we are looking for some good work specially best in graphics and art design.So waiting for your reply.Thanks for sharing such an important thread.
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    Are you a web designer, graphic designer or a website design service provider if yes then i am really looking up for one for the past few days.
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    Sorry man, I've only just seen this message. I am a graphic designer. Unfortunately I don't do web design. But I do pretty much everything else.

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    Hey Raviale, sorry I'm so late with this but my stuff is at
    Flickr: iCeKubeGFX's Photostream


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