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Thread: *DA HERO* Myspace

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    Default Re: *DA HERO* Myspace

    i shed a tear on ur layout... but as far az herooos myspace.. it was aiight

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    I agree, da hero page is good until you compare it to ur page then it just looks ok. Your page is nice and I like the colors. I just wish your name was easier to read on your header.
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    Default Re: *DA HERO* Myspace

    lol nice thank you.

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    Default Re: *DA HERO* Myspace

    i like how u made the text look reflective on the hero page

    thats hot

    good picture use too

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    Default Re: *DA HERO* Myspace

    Yeh your name in the header is hard to make out.
    hero's page is nice, u used his pictures really well

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    Default Re: *DA HERO* Myspace

    Is there any tourials on how to make that top banner like that with the fade up motion

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    Default Re: *DA HERO* Myspace

    First page is nice, I like it, nice work. The second page isn't bad, it's just not as technical on the graphic side, like the first one, the coding is also a little off, because on my screen it's showing the music player pushed up a few pixels high and the slide show is out of place.

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    Hero's page is tight....
    ur header is nice but hard to make out

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