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    Default Chito GFX

    For the local Radio

    This next one is not stretched out... i never changed the dimensions... she takes pics like dat


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    Default Re: Chito GFX

    aye cuzzoo... u reall good...

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    Default Re: Chito GFX

    thank you.

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    the sigs are really good, but the other ones look kinda amateurish. The first one looks kinda plain and the last one is distorted. but keep workin those sigs cuz those are sick. nice job on those.
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    i need to get used to usin larger canvasas.. dats where the money's at

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    Default Re: Chito GFX

    ... not good.
    bad blending on the first.
    stretched on the last (hold shift to maintain proportions).
    text is too plain.

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    lol i never touched her picture dimensions she gave me her picture like that

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    y dont you adjust it then?

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    blending is horrible...text is plain...the logos are cut terribly....but...i guess ur on the right path...

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    i like the vivaton 1 shit is tuff i personally didnt see a prob wit any of them keep doin yo thang

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    nice stuff,
    me like first if it's for printing (cuz when stuff is printed it turns out to be real cool) else...its too plain
    i hate the karin one (but im liking da girl, specialy her being infront of the bed.... ;) ) how did it pain u to reduce the height?!?!?
    the sigs are sick man!
    keep it up

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    it pained me NOT to do it. lol.. they want it like that.. dont ask why cause i dont know..

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