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Thread: Change time of day wit Adobe PS.

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    Default Change time of day wit Adobe PS.

    To start it off, get a background pic, somethin like this...

    Maybe add someone...

    Go to burn tool... (Hit o and look for a pinching hand.) Darken the sky a little... or a lot. Then go to Hue/Saturation and set lighteness to -10 for evening (-35 or -50 for night). It'll look like dis..

    Make a new layer... then paint bucket one of these colors...
    Time of day:
    Evening - C07A00
    Night - 004068
    1 AM - 1A6C5C
    I did 1 AM...

    Your done... just for fun i'll ad something...
    Duplicate the background layer... then gaussian blur and overlay it. look like dis.

    Need any help? Ask.

    By the way... turns out best wit a blue sky... unlike my cloudy sky. I had to fix mine up a little.

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    Default Re: Change time of day wit Adobe PS.

    i know this is only a example, but u should darken the streetz so i looks like its night time


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