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Thread: can u do these (PLz Rate)

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    Default can u do these (PLz Rate)

    sum new stuff i done dont forget to rate my work dont forget to rate my work
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    Default Re: can u do these (PLz Rate)

    1. Top one's kool i guess. You should put some shine on ya glasses and/or ya earring that would be hard.

    2. Even though I hate Prince cause he's a weirdo this graphic is cool. Did you make prince look like a cartoon? If so wat effect u use?

    3. like the other clone is this is hard but for some reason the one on the right look bigger and im not talkin from the prspective that ur sitting up. even the ps2 controller's and wire is bigger

    Overall Rating: 4/5

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    Default Re: can u do these (PLz Rate)

    first one is the best..
    second one has a cut off prince pic in it which makes it look professional.
    third ahs lightnin problmes. the shadow on the right cut is missing.. and on hint. try to install ur cam on a permanent place and then tak too pics one where u sot on the left an done where u sit on the right then open both in ps and delet one half of the top layer pic. then u wont have any lightnin trouble and it will look pro.

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    Default Re: can u do these (PLz Rate)

    they iight, i like the first one tho, you look like a mix between young jeezy and r.kelly

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    Default Re: can u do these (PLz Rate)

    i like tha prince one the best

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