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Thread: 2 Mixtape covers I made recently

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    Default 2 Mixtape covers I made recently

    If I was rating them I'd give 8/10

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    Default Re: 2 Mixtape covers I made recently

    -everythings good , xcept the quality of the picturss of pac and big , bad cut-out 2.

    -to plain , bad cut-out again.the 2pac words need to be on top of the white splatters

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    Default Re: 2 Mixtape covers I made recently

    quality of pics is quite bad, and pac / big are too contrasting

    b.ground and font is a bit plain but it works, 7/10

    second cover didnt come up..

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    Default Re: 2 Mixtape covers I made recently

    ^^^ everything they said is right... and the bg for the tupac & biggie one looks too simple.. and i really dont like the tribal things on the top right and lower left corners of the tupac graphic... keep workin



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    Default Re: 2 Mixtape covers I made recently

    yea /\/\/\/\/\/\/\ tru also try using maybe an image as backgrounds for a mixtape cover, like a city scape or sumthin n maybe work on font a little, random fonts in 1 colour with jst a stroke gets a bit boring, get grimey! or ornate wateva suits your purpse gd work tho keep at it

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    Default Re: 2 Mixtape covers I made recently

    Some nice pics for real tho...the first one seemed a bit plan but then again maybe less is more...the pic whuz hot tho..personally i whuz feelin the whole over contrast mode of the cover....on the second one,i aint goin lie,it seemed a bit to plan...or maybe it whuz jus the backgroun..i say if u changed the background and added some brush effect and some filters..u could have some prime shiznit for real...but then again who the hell am I right???


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