Hey guys,

We are pleased to announce that custom license agreements has now been implemented, so you can upload your own exclusive and non exclusive contracts and set your royalty rate, master recordings, royalty free copies, live performance, radio play.... you can also give details about getting synchronization rights for your beats and upload a synch contract/document.

On your Add and Edit beat pages you will now see an option to allow customers to get a synchronization license for your beat, enabling this shows information on your beat's page and a link to view the contract/doc if uploaded.

To get started with your own custom license agreements:
1) Head over to your My Licenses
2) Fill in your settings and upload your contracts.
3) The details will now show on your beats page.
4) Customers will receive your uploaded contracts instantly when they purchase your beats.

My Licenses Agreements Page

(note that wording has changed since this screenshot)

Edit / Add Beat Page

View Beat Page

As always let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

There might not be an update next week as I've got some important stuff going on in my personal life, but it won't affect the rate that beats are approved for the store.

Thanks for your support!

Best wishes,