• What Does It Take To Make It In The Music Business?

    The following article will give you opinions from recording artists, and people in the music industry on what it takes to make it in the music business.

    Enrique Iglesias - Recording Artist
    "When someone comes up to me and goes "I want to be a singer" "I want to be famous one day", what the hell is that? I want to be famous one day? You want to be a singer because you want to be famous? That's not the right way, or because "I want to be rich", no I want to be a singer because I love music and people.

    I want to be in front of ten thousand people and I want to hear them sing my songs, because it's the only way I know how to express myself.

    I live for music.

    That's the right way to go and as long as you have that straight in your head I think you'll be successful."

    Jimmy Iovine - Chairman of Interscope, Geffan, and A&M Records
    "You should be in a field that you have a passion for, it is so simple to be in a job that you don't have any passion for, I believe it is unnecessary."

    Sheryl Crow - Recording Artist, Songwriter, and Producer
    "Hard work is what it's really about and it's about perseverance and sticking with what it is you are doing and not being discouraged and forced out by people that tell you that you're not what you should be."

    Sting - Recording Artist
    "My passion is a passion for music and it's a purely internal journey that I'm making which I would be making regardless of success or regardless of an industry around me.

    I'm interested in becoming a better musician, a better singer, a better arranger, a better producer, and I'd be making music without the business."

    Doug Morris - Chairman & CEO of Universal Music Group
    "It shows you that anyone who really believes in themselves and has talent, has passion for the music can go as far as they want to go."

    Tommy Mottola - Chairman & CEO of Sony Music Entertainment
    "Be prepared to take the knocks, be prepared to take as long as it's going to take to make it in whatever area of the business that you decide you want to be in."

    Elton John - Recording Artist
    "To do it, you've got to love it. You've got to be willing to really work hard, you've got to be willing to listen, you've got to have great management and learn by your mistakes, because everyone makes mistakes when they start out."

    Sharon Osbourne - Manager and Impresario
    "Anyone that has a talent and a passion, you have to have a real passion. You can't do anything just because of the money otherwise you'll be a fraud and found out anyway, time tells all.

    But if you have a passion and a talent, that desire, and you just have to go with it."

    Sting - Recording Artist
    "If you enter the music business and forget about the music then you're just in a business and it's boring, there's not much point to it.

    You have to be true to your religion which should be music."

    Russell Simmons - Chairman & CEO of Rush Communications
    "I think the music business needs all kinds of people.

    The fact is that those executives who want to work every day and have a stable position and those entrepreneurs who want to own their own destiny and may have some ideas that are not so mainstream and need to exercise them outside of a building.

    And there are those people who love the art and just want to be involved in developing the artwork, be one of those people who produce music and artistic songwriters and creators in that area.

    So there's every kind of person can participate in the music business.

    At the bottom line I think people have to have some love of music."

    Doug Morris - Chairman & CEO of Universal Music Group
    "What makes a great record executive is number one; that loves the business of undying sense of excitement of drama. Every day can bring something new, it's addictive.

    Then the idea that they are hardworking, they're brilliant and these guys are tremendously impressive."

    Kevin Black - Urban Radio Promoter at Interscope
    "It's a good business but you've got to want to work, this business pays the people who want to work, if you don't want to work then this business isn't for you, and if you want a job that you get off at 5 o' clock, this business isn't for you.

    And if you're not a people person this ain't the business for you because people are gonna talk and you must give them an answer."

    Michelle Thomas - Product Manager at Interscope
    "If you're concerned with being a celebrity, or getting free music, or getting free concert tickets and you're more concerned with the perks as opposed to getting the job done, then you might as well turn around and walk right back out the door because that's not what we need, we need people who really want to get the job done as opposed to people who are interested in the perks of the business."

    Kevin Liles - President of Def Jam and Def Soul
    "With me, hard work pays off and I don't believe in being the strongest person - when I say strong I mean physically strong -, or the flashiest person, or having the most money.

    I just believe in people, don't want to hear what you have to say, they want to see what you're doing and I think if you are the best person at what you do, everything else will come.

    I strived at being the best at what I did, if it was pick up a piece of paper, I wanted to be the best pick up piece of paper upper, or whatever you want to call it.

    So I just think the best thing for the brain and myself from hard work paid off for me."

    Michelle Thomas - Product Manager at Interscope
    "The best advice is to work hard.

    I mean this industry is hungry for good executives right now. There are so many opening, there's so much potential, and especially being a black woman and just in the black world as well, there are no young black executives, it's not happening.

    And they're really hungry for people who are smart and who can get the job done.

    So if you are very focused on what you want to do, and committed and are serious about getting the job done then there's a possibility for everyone."

    Jimmy Iovine - Chairman of Interscope, Geffan, and A&M Records
    "I think the right word for if you want to come to work at our company is twenty-four seven.

    I don't really want to hear about your social life, I'm not really interested. I'm being very frank.

    I'm interested in if you want to work at the company and bang and bang and bag and work as hard as you can until it works.

    If you're twenty to thirty years old and working at this company I'd tell you what I did; I didn't stop, I just went and went."

    That concludes this article on what it takes to make it in the music industry.

    You will get help on how to make it in the music industry by posting a thread in the Music Chat & Help forum, and by asking other musicians who post their music in the Talent forums.

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      Desimnyc -
      DAMN...I never even knew this information was on this site...I always visit Crazy Pellas and go directly to forums and never hit the Home tab. Today by accident I hit the Home Tab and BAM! I'm flooded with information...Thanks CP!This was very informative and it sound like they're talking about me! But I must say they forgot to mention one major thing...(it's all about who you know!)
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      Crazy Pellas -
      It was just launched yesterday, so it's not something you've missed haha =] Yeah I do agree that who you know is a major part of how to get into the music business, although it is slightly touched on by some music industry people in How Do I Get Started In The Music Business?
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