• How To Sell Beats Online: Video Marketing

    Attachment 1757In our last article about how to sell beats online we discussed Classifieds Marketing, in this article I will tell you about Video Marketing, another way of getting links to your beats website and building your brand.

    What is Video Marketing?

    Video marketing is uploading videos to YouTube, DailyMotion, Veoh etc.

    It can drive you a huge amount of traffic but most of the traffic will not be targeted, so don’t expect to get a lot of sales.

    Making Your Video Go “Viral”

    Viral, if you don’t know; is when a video you upload gets its link posted all over the place, on forums, blogs, websites, msn, aim, yahoo etc. like a virus. This is meant to be “natural”, but we can change it so it doesn’t happen naturally.

    This is what you want your video to do. It is a lot of work to get your videos to go viral though, because there are literally thousands of videos uploaded to video sites every day. The best chance of getting your video viral is within the first 24-48 hours of uploading it.

    Here are six tips which can improve the chances of your video “going viral”:
    1. Your video should be short. Roughly 15-30 seconds, you can split your videos up into mini series’.
    2. Don’t make it a blatant ad. Users aren’t likely to pass the link around, unless your video is truly awesome.
    3. Shock the viewer. Make them amazed, so they visit your site to investigate further. Example: UFO Haiti.
    4. Use “misleading” titles. This may annoy the viewer so use at your own risk. Sort of the same thing as above, but this time it’s not the content of the video, it’s the title. Something like “Just Blaze Makes Beat with FL Studio!”, music / beat / producer related would work best obviously.
    5. Use Sex. Sex sells and we all know it, so use hot, revealing women in your videos. Word of warning, if the video is too revealing YouTube will restrict access to it or remove it.
    6. Remix / Remake Beats. Remix and Remake beats of popular tracks that are out at the moment.

    Remember above I said we can change the process of videos going viral naturally? Well, that’s what I’m going to cover here.

    The goal is to get your video on Most Viewed Today.

    Find high traffic blogs in your niche, and pay the authors to post about your video and embed it in the post

    Post your video on forums in your niche, a lot of forums allow the videos to be embedded in posts using BBCode, or even automatically when you post the link. It can be a lot of work, so you can pay others to do it, or find a team of friends who are willing to help you.

    Facebook / Twitter
    Find high traffic Facebook pages / groups and post a link to your video on their wall and share the video with all your Facebook friends. Alto, tweet your video link to your followers on Twitter.

    If you have an email list, send them a link to your video. Use an intriguing title and leading text to get them to click the link to your video.

    Get everyone you know to watch your video, and ask them to spread the link to your video.

    When you upload videos to video sites, they pick points in your video to use as thumbnails in search results. Look through the thumbnails and find the best one; something sexy, freaky or awesome. Some video sites even allow you to upload your own thumbnails.

    You could also change the thumbnails every few hours to make users think it’s a new video.

    There is some software out there that can increase your YouTube plays.

    Release Videos One After Another
    If you create a mini series, release all the videos one after another, they’ll show up in related videos and other videos by this user.

    Again, if you have multiple videos try and tag them with tags that no-one else has used, this will also increase your chances of keeping your viewers when one video ends, because the videos will show in the related videos.

    A lot of people forget the community aspect of YouTube and other video websites, you should comment on other people’s videos, and leave video responses to other videos, this will help increase your views.

    Views isn’t the only thing that affects if your video shows up in the Most Viewed Today tab, comments and ratings come in to play also.

    To get comments and ratings:

    Start a conversation with yourself
    Yes, create multiple user accounts, and get your friends and co-workers to do the same. Also rate the videos when you login to your other accounts. You should do this through proxies, to limit the chances of the video sites noticing.

    Start a “heated” debate
    If you’re bored just praising the video, say something offensive, then reply defending it, keep going back and forth this way. This will keep viewers refreshing the page waiting for the next comment, and they’ll pass the link onto people they are talking to “Hey guys look at this crazy debate going on, over a YouTube video, lol”.

    Delete comments
    If someone posts a comment out of turn, delete it.

    If you would like to ask any questions about video marketing, link building or how to sell beats online please ask in our Music Marketing forum.

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