• Serato Scratch Live Tutorial: Setup Using CD Decks and Turntables

    This Serato Scratch Live Tutorial will take you through the steps to set up Serato Scratch Live using CD Decks and Turntables.

    First connect your turntables or CD players to Inputs One and Two of the SL One.

    If you're using turntables make sure the grounding wires are connected to the grounding post.

    Connect the Line Inputs of the SL One to the Line Inputs of your DJ mixer; make sure you check that those Inputs are switched to Line.

    Finally, connect the USB Cable from the SL One to your Mac or PC.

    This is your basic setup, yep it's really that easy!

    Hankering to play some real vinyl as well? No problem;

    Connect the Through Outputs of the SL One to the Mixers Phono Inputs when using turntables, if you are using CD players connect these to the Mixers Line Inputs.

    Make sure you have a nine volt (9V) power supply to power the Through Channels when your computer is disconnected.

    You can plug in a dynamic microphone to the Mic Input of the SL One to scratch your own mic recordings as if they are on vinyl.

    You can also use the mic normally independent of Scratch Live, by connecting a 1/4 inch to a 1/4 inch cable from the Mic Through Jack on the SL One to the Microphone Input on your DJ mixer.

    It's also a good idea to do a test run with a track.
    - Close all other programs down on your computer, even the forum.
    - Start up Scratch Live, you should see a screen like this.
    - Load two test tracks onto the decks and play them.

    If it plays backwards the Inputs in your turntables might be the wrong way round, so try swapping them.
    - White equals Left.
    - Red equals Right.

    This concludes this Serato Scratch Live Tutorial.

    At the end of the video she also mentions that they recommend "Shure N47 needles, as they have a high output volume, excellent tracking, and low record wear".

    You will be able to get help with using Serato and learning how to DJ and make remixes, mashups, and blends by posting a thread in the DJ Talk forum, and by asking other DJs who upload their Remixes, Mashups, and Blends.

    The tutorials I post, are not tutorials that I have written or recorded. They are simply rough audio transcripts of the videos embedded in the tutorials. The videos have been found freely available online, unless otherwise stated.
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