• Producer Tip #2: People Skills Are Important!

    Attachment 1326This Music Producer Tip will explain why it is important to have good people skills in the music business as a producer / audio engineer.

    This is a business where you are face to face with various people at multiple points in time, then again you may be doing work via the internet and never see that person.

    Regardless tone of voice, body language and how say things. Those are the three biggest things to become a good music producer or audio engineer.

    You have to learn how to explain things to people, how to get certain points across without sounding rude or like you're putting someone down. As your job as the producer or engineer is also to keep a great spirit and high energy levels with everyone.

    But let's say that you run into a situation with a vocalist who may not be as good as they think they are. One thing you can do is pull them a side privately and have a conversation with them, simply say "You have a lot of potential, however I find that you tend to be a little pitchy now and then" and suggest to them that they take some vocal lessons for a couple months to see if they can work out those pitch problems and become a little more smooth.

    If you word it like that it is more likely to be received better than going straight up to them and saying "You suck! Get out of here, we need someone who can do this.", it doesn't matter whether it's the drummer, guitarist, bassist or anybody, handle it the way I mentioned the first time.

    Everyone is different, and that's why there are a lot of successful producers because they know what each person wants/needs as an individual, to be able to get the best performances out of those people.

    By keeping tone of voice, body language, and how you say things in mind when you are speaking to potential clients it will help you market yourself as a professional producer / engineer because establishing friendships and connections is important in this business.

    That concludes this Producer Tip, don't forget to check out our other Music Producer Tips.

    You will be able to get help with learning how to make beats by posting a thread in the Producer Talk forum, and by asking other Producers who upload their beats in the Homemade Beats forum.

    Disclaimer: Contents from the above article were derived from a video on AstralPlaneStudios youtube.
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