• Producer Tip #5: How To Become A Successful Music Producer

    Attachment 1507The following Music Producer Tip will give you some tips on how you can become a successful music producer.

    There are a million people out there trying to be music producers and get into the music industry but unfortunately (or fortunately for you) success is not for everyone, here are some tips from Dame Taylor (@ayoDame) to give you a head start in your music career.

    The number one thing you need is Patience; you have got to have patience. The other two are Consistency and Persistence.

    You Have To Be Consistent

    You have to work at your craft consistently, you don't have to do it every day but you have to be consistent with it.

    Pace yourself and increase your pace as you get better. If you start doing it three or four days a week, don't do it three or four days a week this week and then not make another beat for another two or three weeks.

    You've got to be consistent which means that you've got to repeat it.

    If you've got good music, you have to consistently make good music, you can't just make one good beat, then make twenty wack beats and then go back to make another good beat. Nobody is going to be perfect and make great beats every time but you have got to go at it.

    You Have To Be Persistent

    When stuff is tough and you're not really feeling it fight through it. If you don't feel like making beats, you'd rather go talk to this chick or you'd rather go play basketball or something, just take your ass back to the studio, stick with it, work on the song that you don't want to work on or a beat that you really didn't like, stick with it and you'll never know what will come out of it.

    Once you've been consistent and you been persistent and you really feel like that you've been putting in a lot of work, after a certain amount of time you're going to start looking around like "why am I not successful?", "why isn't this happening for me?" or "how come I've been doing this for so long and I haven't got on?", "how come I have four or 5 placements and I'm still broke?" that's when patience comes into play.

    You Have To Be Patient

    Patience is the most important thing, because a lot of people lose patience. You may give up and the next day something was about to happen for you but you gave up already so you missed out it.

    Patience is the number one thing.

    If you really don't understand or you admit to being an impatient person success is not going to come to you when you want it to come.

    If you're banging out twenty beats per day for three years and you feel like you're time has come, it's not up to you, nobody really knows when their shot is going to come, and nobody knows how their shot is going to come.

    So be Persistent, Consistent and Patient, and your success is inevitable which means that it will happen regardless.

    You've got a lot of people out here being desperate selling beats for $10 - $25 dollars, you can sell ten to twenty-five dollar beats and sell a hundred beats for ten dollars and make a thousand dollars or you can just be patient and sell one beat for a thousand dollars.

    It would probably take the same amount of time to accumulate that amount of money.

    So the time that it takes you to sell 100 beats to make $1,000, it would probably take you the same amount of time that it would to sell one beat for a thousand dollars.

    Think about it. If you sell one beat for a thousand dollars you'd get a lot more respect, you'd definitely get great rewards because you actually stuck with it.

    It's like a store, you create a business, you open up a new store, you’re not going to get customers overnight. You've got to put in your work, you've got to go advertise, and you’ve got to go market, you've got to go create good products.

    You've got to sit in the store everyday and wait for customers to come in, and every single customer that comes into your store you have to do whatever you have to do to get them to come back and get them to spread the word.

    Let them do the work for you, so you don't have to go sending these mass emails to everybody.

    Let your music promote you, let your music network for you.

    If you've got good music, you don't have to sit in the clubs every week.

    Just find out better ways to increase your business, to make more money, instead of making hustler ten / twenty-five dollar beats.

    The key things are you have to be consistent, you have to be persistent and most important of all you have to be patient.

    That concludes this Producer Tip, don't forget to check out our other Music Producer Tips.

    You will be able to get help with learning how to make beats by posting a thread in the Producer Talk forum, and by asking other Producers who upload their beats in the Homemade Beats forum.

    The contents from the above article has been derived from DJ Tips that I have found online on youtube channel DameTaylorTV.
    Image is from royblumenthal.
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    1. legendarybeatz's Avatar
      legendarybeatz -
      I am at that point right now, where I have been doing this for years and I'm still waiting for things to look up for me. I am not gonna quit tho.. and I do agree that patience is a big thing because sometimes during your grind, things start to open up for you, which keeps you motivated to keep pushing. So I'm real thankful for this post and your insight, and hopefully new producers can use what they read here and put it into their reality.
    1. Crazy Pellas's Avatar
      Crazy Pellas -
      Yeah, it's the same with everything, not just producing, so I do hope that new producers and growing producers really take in what has been said and use it =]
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