• Pro Tools Tutorial: Recording Studio - Getting Started: Pro Tools Sessions

    This Pro Tools Tutorial will take you through Getting Started with Sessions in Pro Tools Recording Studio.

    If you haven't already, launch Pro Tools M-Powered Essential.

    You have several options here on the quick start screen.

    The session templates are great because they include preloaded tracks, instruments and effects for the selected musical style.

    Let's get started and select the Rock guitar template.

    You can rename your session as well as change the location to save the file.

    Click Save and Pro Tools will load your new session.

    Let's take a quick look at a Pro Tools Session.

    There are two main windows in Pro Tools; the Mix window and the Edit window.

    You can use the keyboard shortcut 'Ctrl + equal' or 'Cmd + equal' on a Mac to toggle between the Mix and Edit windows.

    Every track in the Edit window has a corresponding channel on the Mix window.

    In the Mix window you have a volume fader, solo, mute and the record enable buttons, and above that Pan control.

    At the top of the window you have Inserts and Sends. Inserts are where you insert effects and signal processors.

    Here's the SansAmp preamp plugin inserted on a guitar track.

    When you want to add the same effect to multiple tracks like reverb for example, you can use the Sends and Return tracks.

    Here you can see that Send A is set up for reverb, on the reverb return track is the deverb reverb plugin.

    The Sends allow you to send a tracks audio signal to be processed. The more you send the more effect you will hear.

    Let's switch to the Edit window by pressing 'Ctrl + equal' or 'Cmd + equal' on a Mac.

    The Transport controls appear at the top of the Edit window, to the left is the Counter which shows bars and beats, it can also display minutes and seconds. Next to that you have you're editing tools, and all of the tracks appear along the left side.

    Click the small triangle on the far right to show the Zoom controls.

    I'm going to click zoom out so I can see more of the timeline. You can also click and drag to zoom.

    Let's also go to the Options menu and make sure the Loop Playback and Dynamic Transporter are disabled or unchecked.

    In the next video we're going to start building out song by bringing in one of the Pro Tools essential loops.

    That concludes this Pro Tools Tutorial.

    You will be able to get help with using Pro Tools and learning how to make beats by posting a thread in the Producer Talk forum, and by asking other Producers who upload their beats in the Homemade Beats forum.

    The tutorials I post, are not tutorials that I have written or recorded. They are simply rough audio transcripts of the videos embedded in the tutorials. The videos have been found freely available online, unless otherwise stated.
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