• How To Sell Beats Online with Your Beats Website: On Page SEO

    In our last article about selling beats online we discussed the basics of SEO, in this article I will tell you about On Page SEO.

    What is On Page SEO?

    On Page SEO is the process of changing things on your own beat website pages to increase where your website ranks in search engines.

    On Page SEO Factors

    As mentioned in our previous article, words, page title and words in links are all factors which apply in SEO, these we can control with our on page SEO.

    Page Title
    The page title is set in the head section of your html code between the <title></title> tags and should be unique for every page and kept below 70 characters.

    Your page title should contain the keyword or phrase that you are trying to rank for, and summarize what your page is about. In other words there is no point in having the page title “Fast Cars”, when your content is about buying beats

    Your title should also be user friendly, for example; “beats, buy beats, lease beats, exclusive beats” isn’t very friendly it looks more suitable for meta keywords tag (covered later), instead of that you should have something like “CP Productions – Lease Beats & Buy Exclusive Instrumentals”.

    Meta Description & Keywords
    The meta description & keywords are also set in the head section of your html code in the <meta type=”description” content=”Your description” /> and <meta type=”keywords” content=”your, keywords” /> tags, these should also be unique for every page.

    The meta descriptions and keywords used to play a large part in ranking and still do to some extent, but not so much. You should still have them though.

    Meta Description
    The meta description tag helps search engines pick what text to display under your page title in search results therefore should contain the keyword you want that page to rank for, it should also entice users to click on your website from the search engines.

    An enticing meta description might be “Lease beats and buy exclusive instrumentals from CP Productions today! Instant download.”

    Your meta description should be kept below 155 characters and user friendly.

    Meta Keywords
    The meta keyword tag helps search engines to decide what keywords your page should rank for. The visitors do not see these unless they view the page source, so they don’t need to be user friendly.

    The keywords you should have in the meta tags are ones relevant to the page, and the main keywords of your site.

    Page URLs
    Your page URLs should be search engine friendly, what this means is:
    Instead of having spaces in your file names you should replace them with dashes (-) or underscores (_). I personally prefer using dashes because it looks nicer. Also do not use any special characters or symbols.

    Your URL should also contain the keywords that you want the page to rank for but not be too long.

    Anchor Text
    Anchor text is the words which display on links, for example <a href=”https://www.crazypellas.net/store/”>CP Beats Store</a>, the anchor text here is CP Beats Store.

    A mistake commonly made by a lot of people is using the anchor text “click here”. This is of no help to the search engines because it does not describe the content of the page of which the link points to. For example;
    Click here to see our range of exclusive beats.” - BAD
    “Here you can find our range of exclusive beats.” - GOOD

    Anchor text plays an important role in ranking your pages for keywords. That is another reason why you shouldn’t use click here.

    Alt Text
    Alt text is the text that is displayed when you hover over an image, or when the image can’t be loaded. It can be added using the following html:
    <img src="" alt="Image description" />
    The alt text should briefly describe what is in the image and the keyword you are wanting the page the image is on to rank for.

    By having alt text on images it helps you rank in image search and ordinary search.

    No Follow
    You should use the rel=”nofollow” attribute on links which you don’t want search engines to pass “link juice” through. Example pages would be your contact and privacy policy pages.

    To use the rel=”nofollow” tag the code is:
    <a rel=”nofollow” href=”http://google.com”>Google</a>
    You should use a robots.txt file to block any directories and files you don’t want listed in search engines. You probably don’t want your contact page, or privacy policy pages indexed so your robots.txt file would be like:
    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /contactus.html
    Disallow: /privacy.html
    Just an example.

    Link Your Pages Together
    Try and link your pages together as much as possible, as links play a huge part in ranking as I said earlier in the anchor text section.

    If you would like to ask any questions about how to sell beats online please ask in our music marketing forum.

    Image source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/danardvincente/2512148775/
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      This is great information... I also suggest building friendly relationships with all of the people you want to buy beats. Not just trying to sell them beats. Focus of dirtyscopebeatz.com
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