• Interview with KFX Kicks (Music Producer)

    Attachment 2047 KFX Kicks won Producer of the Month for December 2012 with his beat for "The Jump Off!"... Check out the interview below with him!

    Thanks for taking the time to do this interview KFX Kicks. Tell us a bit about yourself, your name, age, where youíre from and an interesting fact if you likeÖ
    I prefer not to disclose my name and/or age.

    I'm from Los Angeles (don't live there anymore though).

    Is there a story behind your name KFX Kicks?
    Iím just a music lover that was getting bored with mainstream music. Trying to dive deeper into the understanding of music and how itís made.

    The true meaning of my name is knight fx, my original soundcloud name and I wanted to adapt it to something marketable. Drums are my expertise so the name just fit. It may change however in the future.

    What genres of music do you produce? What's your favorite?
    My preference is to produce hip hop, typically west coast, trap, and gangster rap. I enjoy all types of music and wouldn't be able to classify a specific genre as my favorite.

    How long have you been producing?
    1 year strong now.

    What first got you interested in becoming a music producer?
    I was around 13-14 watching Dr. Dre in his studio on TV and instantly knew this was what I wanted to do, whether I made money from it or not.

    What/who are you inspired by?
    Currently I'm inspired my anything non mainstream, producers I have met in networking, big time namers, you name it. I grew up on hip hop and so anything that has edge would fall into something that I might listen to or may have inspired me.

    Do you use samples or compose your beats from scratch?
    I do both, my preference is composing the melodies from scratch and even creating the sounds through synthesis. I feel that music isn't truly composed unless you designed and built each and every sound.

    What software and hardware do you use to produce music?
    KRK's VXT 8's
    Komplete Audio 6 Audio Interface
    Audeze's LCD3 Headphones
    Novation UltraNova
    M-Audio 49 Key
    Maschine (All NI Kits + Various Other Sources)
    Komplete 8 Ultimate (Including Everything Offered On The Site)
    5TB+ of Loops, Kits, Samples, Various VST's
    EWQL Complete Composers Collection (Top Of The Line)
    Spectrasonics Everything Besides Stylus
    IK MultiMedia Bundle Phillharmonik, Sample Tron, Sample Moog, Sample Tank, Sonic Synth 2
    Nexus2 (Full Version + All Kits)
    8dio (Full Sites Bundle + Requiem & Adagio)
    SugarBytes (Full Site Bundle)
    ProjectSam (Full Site)
    Magma (Effect Bundle)
    True Piano (Bundle)
    Edirol Orchestral (Discontinued Version)
    Big Fish Audio (Various Kontakt Packs)
    Sylenth1 (Huge Amounts Of Presets/Soundbanks)
    Sonic Couture (Full Site)
    FL Studio 10.X (Waiting for Version 11)
    Reason 6.5
    Ableton 8 Suite
    HP Pavilion dv7-t 6100 Notebook, Quad Cord Duo I7, 16 GB ram, 500 GB SSD, Windows7 Ultimate. (Fully Loaded)

    (There is more and that isn't everything)

    Do you see music production as a career or as a hobby?
    Itís a hobby, I'm older and don't need to make money from music. Itís an outlet to express myself. Itís damn fun too!

    What are you trying to do with your music? Do you want to help your community? Are you trying to get rich? What is your goal for your music?
    My goal for music is to find & create the best sounds I can. Be able to mix & master any track up to professional studio quality. I have started up a group of producers that collab and share ideas/knowledge. In the end I would give all my music away for free as long as I get credit. I'm just doing this to have fun, though if I make some from it as well I won't complain.

    Do you have any kind of management, publishing or distribution team behind you? If so what are their responsibilities?
    I'm a one man show though I do run various business' online which I can use as resources for marketing/graphic design/etc.

    What are some accomplishments that you have achieved and are most proud of?
    I'm proud of the fact that I have accomplished my goal of becoming a serious music producer. I'm proud of the fact that I have dove nose first into learning how sounds are created and how they can be shaped to be used in my productions.

    Have you ever made any contact with big time people in the industry and do you keep in contact with them?
    I still don't feel my music is good enough. I hold myself to very high standards. One day it would be a dream to produce a track for someone huge or even pay them to be on one of my beats. (One day I will make it happen!)

    What one tip would you give to other aspiring music producers?
    Focus on getting better equipment and not pinching pennies when it comes to the root samples/sounds youíre using in your productions. Starting off with a quality recorded sound from day one will only make your productions that much better.

    What do you see is in the future for the music industry? How do you think it will evolve/change?
    Unfortunately I have a very pessimistic view on the mainstream music industry as it seems all the music is just becoming all one genre. That is why I don't really listen to any mainstream music as itís terrible and doesn't allow the brain to experience anything new. I hope that it changes and proves me wrong but since recent events in past 10-15 years I'm very doubtful.

    Can you tell us how you found CrazyPellas.net?
    I was looking for an outlet to share my music and get feedback so I can evolve/master my craft. This was one of very few forums online.

    Has this website helped you at all in your musical journey?
    So far itís been great for feedback and I have enjoyed the experience thus far. Though I need to get more involved and I plan to once I have more time to commit to it.

    Do you feel like the internet is helping you as an underground producer?
    I was practically born on a computer keyboard. The evolution of technology and internet has drastically changed how the industry works. So yes of course the internet is helping me. Itís allowing me to share my productions with others quickly and allowing me to profit from the time spent.

    How do you think social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have affected the music industry?
    Social signals in general have allowed for many underground/unknown talented artists/producers make large sums of money over night. I personally dislike all social networks as I think there a time suck and waste of time. However, I do realize the importance of their usages in marketing your brand or name.

    Where can we check out your beats online?

    What projects are you working on at the moment?
    I'm always working on new productions every day. I'm still in school @ dubspot taking advantage of their many courses. I also research and read a lot of information about mixing/mastering. Along with explore the internet to find new innovative sounds if I can't create them myself. I am also working on a new collab mixtape with my fellow producer friends to see what we can do to gain exposure.

    Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years time?
    I don't see much changing to be honest. Continue enjoying music as an expressive outlet with the same outlook of not trying to become rich and famous from music. Rather practice and become as professional of a producer as I can.

    Do you want to give a shout-out to anyone?
    Matt Cellitti @ www.dubspot.com (teacher of my current sound design course). He has helped me drastically with my musical understanding and given me great direction in cutting through the learning curve.

    Thanks again KFX Kicks for doing this interview.
    Thanks Iain!

    You can also find some of KFX Kicks beats in the homemade beats forum.
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