• Interview with Drew Spence (Mark of the Griffin)

    Attachment 2107 Drew Spence creates all the music, video and artwork for the web series and comic book Mark of the Griffin. Mark of the Griffin follows the journal of an ordinary man turned into an Angel of Mercy and Daemon of Vengeance. The story is told through video, a graphic Novel and episode and music soundtracks.

    Check out Episode 1 of Mark of the Griffin "Villainy of the Vile"

    Thanks for taking the time to do this interview Drew.

    How did you come up with the concept of Mark of the Griffin?
    I fell in love with the look of a jet pilotís gas mask and wanted something similar. It was going to be just an image used across all my music videos, but the concept just seemed like it needed to be fully developed and so, I fleshed out a character that matched the visual.

    What message are you trying to give off with the series?
    The overall arc with be about the personal growth of Marcus Griffin and his transition into a fearsome avenger.

    How do the episode plots get created?
    Choice D) All of the above. Sometimes I scout a location and ask myself what interesting thing could happen there. A story could be attached to someone I met with a skill set or unique attribute. And other times, thereís a statement I want to make and itís about trying to convey an idea using the MOTG universe.

    What software and hardware is used?
    Pretty much, I use a Canon camera and Adobeís suite for graphic and video editing with plug-ins by Red Giant to twist the color at the end.

    How close to reality is the series?
    So far itís pretty real. As the story moves along, some of the sets and villains will push the borders. Weíre going to slide further into the realm of comic book fantasy.

    What's the difference between the comic book and web series?
    The web series is very linear and the comic book jumps around in time. In print, I will be taking advantage of the graphical freedom and showing you stuff that would be impractical to film at this point. The web series is more about you watching Marcus Griffin and the comic book is written straight from the thoughts inside his head.

    What other stories have you explored?
    I created a two-part rap album called Chaos Legion that explores a futuristic Rome and the vengeful quest of a betrayed general. I rhyme as Dynamics Plus- itís highly lyrical with some ground breaking storytelling, if I do say so myself. Battlestrux is another rap universe which is similar to Star Trek and Macross. The first album is called Year One: Captain of a Starship.

    Where are you hoping Mark of the Griffin will take you? In other words, what's your final goal from the series?
    Iíd like to be able to devote more time and resources into the MOTG universe. I have so much more to show you. There are short chapters and segments and also a very long story arc. Being able to tell the full story is a huge goal.

    Where can we watch and follow the series online?
    We have a youtube channel with all the episodes and a website that explains and links to it all.

    Chaos Legion can be found here: http://dynamicsplus.wordpress.com/ca...legion-series/

    Do you have any kind of management, publishing or distribution team behind you? If so what are their responsibilities?
    I do everything under my own label Dynamica Music. I stay split between creating and sharing my content.

    How long have you been producing music?
    I think I made my first record back in 2000, sometime back then. I got tired of paying for studio time and began building my own studio and making my own music.

    What influences your music? Do you use samples or compose your music from scratch?
    I started off sampling vinyl and still use sample libraries today. Early in, I began to want the source instrument for the sounds I found myself always sampling. That began my interest in researching and amassing production gear.

    What software and hardware do you use to make and produce music?
    I like synthesizers to create new sounds and keyboards for traditional sounds and familiar instruments. I mostly record everything into my digital workstation as live audio and then edit after.

    How do you create across multiple genres of music...Rap, Dance and Electronic?
    Iíve been around different styles of music since I was young, so itís not that hard to wander around between the different vibes. I have a bit of freedom to just make music and then gently push it in a certain direction.

    What one tip would you give to other music producers?
    As a creative, I think itís important to love your own work. A lot of artists create what they think others will like. They are being influenced by material that is popular- even though they donít like it or canít fully connect with it. Itís following whateverís selling well or at least out there in a big way. They feel they must do something similar. You can never have true confidence in your art thinking and working that way.

    If someone says you stink, they will be right because itís all about their feelings about you or your art. If you walk in already appreciating your merits, no one can limit your value; they can only offer their opinions. This world is full of Noís; youíd better get your Yes together before sharing or doing business behind your art.

    Do you want to give a shout-out to anyone?
    Wow. So many people have helped me put this together. You know, Iíd like to thank you, Iain for taking the time to help spread the word about the Mark of the Griffin. Iíd also say check out my music group Fallout Shelter, EDM artist Domino Grey and rap artist Dynamics Plus.

    Thanks again Drew for doing this interview.
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