• How to Sell Beats Online: Forum Marketing

    Attachment 1824 In our last article about how to sell beats online we discussed Facebook Marketing Basics, in this article I will tell you about Forum Marketing, another way of building your brand and getting links to your beats website.

    What is Forum Marketing?

    Forum marketing is posting on forums in your niche, in this case its forums where artists, rappers and content creators that may want to use your beats in their videos or games participate. It is a great way to build up brand trust, because you’re posting all the time and interacting with your target audience and as said about it also helps build back links.

    Getting Started with Forum Marketing?

    Your Avatar
    Your avatar should be your logo or a picture of you, this will help people recognize your posts, and help promote you. Use the same logo / picture that you use on your social networking profiles.

    Your Signature
    Your signature should be professional looking, and contain; a link to your website and another way for other forums users to contact you. For example:
    Check out my NEWEST Hip Hop beat: https://www.crazypellas.net/store/g5/
    Email me for a FREE beat: djcp.crazypellas@gmail.com

    You could have your email set up to auto respond to emails with a link for your free beats download.

    Remember that forums are a community; they are not places to spam your link/business all over.

    Your posts should contain value and always add something to the conversation. Remember when you are posting on forums you are representing your business in a way, so act fun and professional, or however you want others to see your business.

    If you would like to ask any questions about forum marketing or selling beats online please ask in our Music Marketing forum.

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