• How To Sell Beats Online: Facebook Marketing Basics

    Attachment 1758In our last article about selling beats online we discussed Video Marketing, in this article I will tell you about Facebook Marketing Basics for getting traffic and building your beats website brand.

    What is Facebook Marketing?

    Facebook marketing is promoting your beats for sale on Facebook. This article will focus on getting started with Facebook marketing as there are a number of ways you can promote on Facebook.

    Getting Started with Facebook Marketing

    We have already written a couple of articles on marketing your music on Facebook which you can find in our Music Marketing section but this is Facebook Marketing Basics, for those who are new to marketing on Facebook.

    Creating Your Facebook Page

    • Create a Facebook Page by heading over to Create a Page.
    • Create a Vanity URL so people can easily remember your page. To do this go over to Create Facebook Vanity URL.
    • Invite your Friends to your new page and import your email contacts from the Build Audience menu on your Page.

    Keeping Your Customers Engaged

    Now that you have got your fans connected, you will need to get them engaged with your content to keep your brand in-front of others’ eyes.
    • Keep your page fresh and updated
    • Post at least once a day.
    • Ask questions.
    • Create a Page Post Ad.

    Use Facebook Insights to Learn About What Works

    After you have been running your Facebook Page for about a week head over to Facebook Insights to see what content you have been posting gets the most attention and interaction from your fans.
    • Find out exactly who is connecting: age, gender and location
    • See who has been talking about your beats website
    • See what content is most popular and engaging

    Reaching Friends of Fans and More!

    • Interact and communicate with potential customers on Facebook.
    • Create a Facebook Ad for your page.
    • Create a ‘Stories about their friends liking your page’ ad
      • Expect more engagement from Sponsored Stories.
      • Users who see a friend’s name in a Facebook ad is 68% more likely to remember the ad and twice as likely to remember your brand.
      • Friends’ recommendations have a LOT of influence.

    If you would like to ask any questions about facebook marketing, social marketing or how to sell beats online please ask in our Music Marketing forum.

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