• How To Sell Beats Online: Email Marketing

    Attachment 1837 In our last article about how to sell beats online we talked about forum marketing, in this article I will tell you about email marketing for selling more beats online on your beat selling website.

    What is Email Marketing?

    Email marketing simply put is a process of marketing to your customers and potential customers by collecting their email addresses and emailing them with your latest beats for sale and any special offers you have on your beats.

    If you aren’t using email marketing to sell your beats you are missing out on a lot of money!

    Getting Started with Email Marketing

    There are a few things you need to do to get started with email marketing, but don’t be put off – they’re easy! And it will be worth it in the end when you start collecting all that money from your email marketing campaigns.

    First things first, understand that email marketing is not spam! Just like with anything there is a legal way (non spam) and an illegal way (spam) of doing email marketing. We will be telling you about the legal way, of course.

    Email Service Provider (ESP)
    One of the first things you’ll need to choose when you start marketing your beats via email is an email service provider (ESP). There are many ESP’s out there; you need to find one that you can afford and is best for you. Some of the most well known and most used ones are aWeber, MailChimp and GetResponse.

    If you are just starting out you should be fine with your Gmail account until you build a big list of beat buyers. Gmail has limits in place to attempt to prevent email spam.

    Building an Email List
    The CP Beats Store makes it easy for you to build a list of people who buy or want beats by providing an email export function to export emails of paying customers and customers who have downloaded free beats from you. We also inform your customers automatically when you have added a new beat if they have entered their email address on the beats store homepage.

    If you have your own website to sell beats on, the above ESP’s provide you with an opt-in form that you can copy and paste to your beats website which can automatically email people who enter their email address some free beats to download or some information about downloading beats, buying beats or even selling beats.

    Whatever you do to build an email list, don’t just scrape emails from google, twitter, facebook etc. that is one way to piss people off, and is illegal! (more on that later)

    A new feature coming to the CP Beats Store will allow you to collect the email addresses of people who are interested in receiving new beats by using Feedburner.

    Emailing your List
    Now that you have a list of beat buyers / people who want beats on your email list you can start emailing them. But, don’t just send emails asking them to buy your beats, offer them free beats and information that they will find useful, like top ten tips to promote their music, what not to ask producers for, what to look for in a music producer etc.

    Remember above I said that it’s illegal to market to email addresses you take from google, twitter, facebook? That’s true… unless they have asked for people to send beats to them, but just because they have asked for beats it doesn’t mean you can add them to your mailing list to email over and over again. You need to get permission from them, just ask… “Hey, I email my newest beats to my mailing list regularly, would you mind if I added you to it?” What’s the worst that could happen? They’ll say no… just move on with sending your beats to the next person.

    To stay legal, you will also need to provide a physical mailing address and describe how people can unsubscribe from your list at the bottom of your email.

    Look up the Can Spam Act for more legalities of marketing by email.

    Keeping your List Subscribers
    A few more tips I have for your you about email marketing is on keeping people subscribed to your list is;

    • Remind them why they are receiving your email be it that they requested a free beat, bought a beat from you or requested some information from you.
    • Don’t email them too often. Once a week, or twice a month is a good number of times to email your list.
    • Be consistent. When you have chosen how often you are going to email your list keep doing it at that time. People are creatures of habit so if are consistent with sending your emails they will soon be like “I’m getting an email today from XXX with some new beats for me to check out”,
    • Don’t sell or trade your email list. If someone finds out that you have sold or traded your email list you will lose them as a subscriber and they may warn others that you do it. To sell or trade email lists legally you need to state in your privacy policy that you trade and sell your email list.
    • Segment your list. By segmenting your list I mean if someone buys a pop beat email them about pop beats, if someone buys a trap beat, email them about trap beats etc.
    • Have a personality. When writing your emails include something personal that you wouldn’t mind your subscribers knowing so they are reminded that it’s a real person behind the emails… not just a computer program.
    • Ask your customers for their opinions and suggestions. There was a reason that they joined your list, so they are the best people to ask about what they want from it.

    This should give you a start on selling beats with email marketing, let us know some of your own tips or any questions you have by posting them as a comment below.

    If you would like to ask any questions about email marketing or selling beats online please ask in our Music Marketing forum.

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