• DJ Tip #5: How To Put A Great DJ Set List Together

    Attachment 1506The following DJ Tip will advise you on how you can put a great DJ set list together to get the crowd going whether at a club or a mobile DJ gig.

    For a DJ set to have a good climax and a good break off with any genre and any type of music you want to:

    Pick Songs That You REALLY Want To Use
    Go through the records, cd's, mp3's or whatever and find the music that you want to use.
    You might have over a thousand songs but just choose the ones that you really want to use.

    Now that you've got the songs that you want to use:

    Listen To Each Track
    Listen to each of the tracks that you've picked to use in your set, it doesn't need to be the full track.

    How Does That Song Make You Feel?
    Every time you listen to a new track, sit and think how does that song make you feel? Does it make you feel relaxed/chilled? Or does it make you feel happy/euphoric and want to get up and jump around?

    Separate The Songs
    Separate the tracks into different sides. So, you'll have the songs that make you feel chilled and relaxed on one side, and on the other side you'll have the ones that make you feel happy and euphoric.
    Now you have the basis for getting a good DJ set list together.

    Get The Crowd Rocking
    Start off your set with some mellow and chilled tracks, slowly build them up to your happy and euphoric ones to get the crowd rocking and then as you're coming to the end of your set slowly bring them back down again, or if you want to, you can leave with a bang.

    Hopefully that will give you some ideas of how to put together a great DJ set list.

    That concludes this DJ Tip, don't forget to check out our other DJ Tips.

    You will be able to get help with learning how to DJ at clubs, weddings, party's, birthdays by posting a thread in the DJ Talk forum, and learning how to remix by asking other DJs who upload their music to the Remixes, Mashups, and Blends forum.

    The contents from the above article has been derived from DJ Tips that I have found online on youtube channel ellaskins.
    Image is from Lee J Haywood.
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    1. Dj Excrucial's Avatar
      Dj Excrucial -
      This is good for a platform starting point. I would say if you want to take it to the next level and advance yourself as a DJ you need to start mixing in KEY, it will allow your transitions from track to track to sound smoother if its in key and either the harmony or melodies go together. If you are purely a vinyl DJ this will be tough as you need to train your ears to have perfect pitch which takes YEARS to do and nearly impossible for absolute "Perfect" pitch.

      However, using software such as Serato, Traktor, etc. makes it easier on the DJ. There is a software called "Mixed In Key" that allows you to scan your music and it will tell what key the songs are in, which then helps you see which songs will fit with others. This can help you put together a set you know will sound amazing. No crowd wants to hear a transition that clashes and sounds horrible unless they're drunk and don't care.

      Here is an example of how it helps.

      Using the camelot wheel we can see which Major Keys will go with which Major Keys AND Minor Key. To better explain this lets look at E Major (12 o'clock). We can see that a song that's in the key of E Major (12B) it will go well with D-Flat Minor(12A). BUT you should know that it is also possible to go from E Major (12B) to A Major (11B) or B Major (1B). This gives you four different directions you can take when mixing and still stay in KEY.

      To make it easier on people who do not want to memorize which keys go together they added the numbers 1A - 12A and 1B - 12B , "A" being Minor keys and "B" being Major keys. So a song in 6A can go well with a song in 5A, 6A, 6B and 7A. Still with me here? You can go one key up or one key down and be in good hands. Don't try to mix a song that's in 6A with one that's in 9A because those keys are too far apart and the songs will clash. At the same time Don't go from 6A to 7B, instead you would go from 6A to 7A THEN to 7B or 6A to 6B THEN 7B. Make Sense?

      I should note that VIRTUAL DJ already has its own Key identifying system but I have found it to be inaccurate 40% of the time and does not use the number system to make things easier for you.

      Once you have your tracks key'd out you can then go back to the "Seperate The Songs" step in this post and begin to create a set that will rock the crowd and be in Key.
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