• DJ Tip #3: How To Deal With Drunks At Parties / Clubs / Weddings

    Attachment 1324The following DJ Tip will advise you on how to deal with drunks at parties, clubs, bars, weddings or wherever you're working as a Mobile DJ or Club DJ.

    A big problem for DJs when they are DJing at a party / club / wedding event is drunk people, or people who want to cause trouble.

    Everybody is different so you just need to read the situation and think of the best way you can deal with it.

    The worst thing you can do is ignore them that will enrage them further and make them hang around you longer until they get a reaction from you.

    What you want to do is keep your cool try to engage in a conversation with them, even if it's slurred drunk talk just nod your head and agree with them.

    Dealing With Song Requests
    Often times as a DJ you will get song requests that don't fit your set, in order to avoid upsetting the person by telling them that you don't have it;
    - Pretend to have a look through your records/CDs/music files and say you're sorry but you don't have it and you'll try to play something similar or ask them to pick another track.
    - Say you'll play it in a while, and just hope that they forget or play it at the end of the night.
    - Have a sign saying what type of music you will play.

    Another thing you can do for requests is have a Tip Jar and write "Song Requests" on it and when someone requests a song point them to the tip jar. That way you earn a little extra and keep the "customer" happy. And when you introduce the song say "this one's for <whoever>", that way the crowd knows it wasn't you that made the track choice.

    If you're working at a club try to get the DJ area closed off and have a bouncer or someone to take your requests on a notepad.

    Dealing With "The Music Sucks"
    If a person comes up to you and tells you that "your music sucks", don't get annoyed.
    - Start a conversation with them by saying something along the lines of "I'm sorry you don't like it, what sort of music do you like?" and end by saying you'll try to play something that they'll like.
    - Point to the full dance floor and say "everyone else seems to be enjoying it".

    If they are really in your face try to do something to get everyone to look over at you to see the situation that's occurring. Stop the music, grab your master fader.

    Again, if you're working a club get the bouncer to throw them out; you shouldn't have to deal with people that behave in such a way.

    I hope that gives you some ideas.

    That concludes this DJ Tip, don't forget to check out our other DJ Tips.

    You will be able to get help with learning how to DJ at clubs, weddings, parties, birthdays by posting a thread in the DJ Talk forum, and learning how to remix by asking other DJs who upload their music to the Remixes, Mashups, and Blends forum.

    The contents from the above article has been derived from DJ Tips that I have found online on youtube channel ellaskins and from comments on various forums.
    Image is from Hungry4Music.com.
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