• DJ Tip #2: How Much Should I Charge To DJ A Party / Event?

    Attachment 1323The following DJ Tip will help you decide what you should charge your clients to DJ at a party, wedding, or birthday event as a Mobile DJ.

    A commonly asked question by new DJs who are looking to start their own DJ business is how much they should charge to DJ a party / event.

    The first thing you want to do is get the phone number of a few local mobile DJs from around your area. You'll be able to get their phone number from a phone book or by searching websites like WhitePages.com (US) or Yell.com (UK).

    When you have the phone number of about 4 local DJs, call them up and pretend to be a potential customer. Just simply ask them how much they charge and how long they play for.

    You may want to make up a few stories like it's your / your mates birthday in a few weeks, you're having a BBQ, it's your parents 25th anniversary, it's your companies 1 year anniversary and would like to hire a DJ to play at the event.

    Once you have called them all and got their prices, calculate an average of them by adding the prices together and diving them by 4 (or the number of DJ companies you have the prices of).

    For example: (these are fictional companies and prices, no reference to real companies intended)
    Dave's Mobile DJ: $200
    Party Entertainment: $250
    New York Mobile DJs: $350
    Crazy Party Nights: $180

    The total of them is: $980

    So $980 divided by 4 is $245.

    $245 would be a good price for you to charge to go out and DJ in your area.

    The important point is that you are going in at an average price so you're not too expensive and you're not too cheap. A lot of people may be suspicious or cautious if you are the cheapest, so that's why I would suggest choosing a price in the middle.

    Now that you've got a base price, stick with that price and don't change it.

    From your first gig; you should be confident enough to charge around the same as everyone else, so your first gig should be at $245 and your 20th gig should be at $245.

    It would be difficult to explain to people why you've doubled your price if someone was to refer someone to you.

    However, you should be willing to offer discounts if you are getting regular work from someone. So, if you're DJing for the same person/company every month or every few weeks perhaps offer them a 20% discount, and if it's just the job offer them a 10% discount.

    Another circumstance that it would be okay to change your price is if someone wanted you to DJ for an hour or two less than what you normally would, reduce your price by $10-$20.

    It's really up to you, but I hope you've found this helpful.

    That concludes this DJ Tip, don't forget to check out our other DJ Tips.

    You will be able to get help with learning how to DJ at clubs, weddings, party's, birthdays by posting a thread in the DJ Talk forum, and learning how to remix by asking other DJs who upload their music to the Remixes, Mashups, and Blends forum.

    The contents from the above article has been derived from DJ Tips that I have found online on youtube channels ellaskins and thedjbusiness.
    Image is from DJBooth.net.
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