• How To Sell Beats Online: Classifieds Marketing

    Attachment 1755 In our last article about how to sell beats online we discussed Article Marketing, in this article I will tell you about Classifieds Marketing, another way of getting links to your beat selling website.

    What is Classifieds Marketing?

    Classifieds marketing is posting ads on Backpage, Craigslist etc. it is a great way to build back links also which will help improve your search engine rankings.

    It is a great way of getter cost effective targeted traffic, because itís free and allows you to pick what section and city to post in.

    Tips for Posting on Classifieds Sites
    Here are a few tips that I can give you for posting on classified sites.

    Your titles should be eye catching, and stand out from the rest. For example;
    The hip hop beats YOU have been hearing aboutÖ
    Need HOT exclusive dirty south beats?
    The beats you rap on SUCK!

    Using a question mark and ellipses invokes the user to think.

    There isnít really any secrets of what to put in here, basically all you want to do is describe your beats, why they should buy your beats and not anyone elses.

    If you have had any placements include them in your ad, this helps improve the potential customersí confidence. Include 3-5 placements.

    You will want a good call to action, of what you want them to do. For example;
    For a GREAT deal call us on (+44) 79 743 86 467 RIGHT NOW!
    Visit https://www.crazypellas.net/store/ for our 2 DAY special offer!

    Pictures / Video
    You should always upload pictures or a video with your ad, this helps you ad stand out. The pictures can be your logo, a picture of you or your video could be a sample compilation of your beats, it really doesnít matter as long as you have one or the other.

    If you would like to ask any questions about classifieds marketing, link building or how to sell beats online please ask in our Music Marketing forum.

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