• ACID Pro Tutorial: Working With MIDI Controller Data

    The following Sony ACID Pro Tutorial will take you through How to Work with MIDI Controller Data in ACID Pro.

    MIDI information contains much more than just the note data that we've been working with up to now. Sophisticated MIDI controller devices have settings and controls with which you can bend the pitch of the plague note, modulate the pitch of a note at specific intervals, manipulate how a controller key reacts to pressure you apply to it after the original touch and more.

    ACID provides control over a wide variety of controller data and gives you the tools to automate changes in that controller data just as you can automate volume and panning controls.

    Let's take a look at how this works.

    I'll open a MIDI pitch bend project that I already have.

    I'll play the project and you can hear that one note plays steadily throughout the duration of the project.

    I'll play the project again and as it plays I'll adjust the pitch bend slider up and then down. You can hear how this changes the pitch of the note.

    If you have an external controller you can play such a pitch bend when you record the MIDI information.

    Click the name of the pitch bend slider, this reveals a drop down list of several other MIDI data that you can control with this slider.

    Choose a different item from the list and notice that the slider now controls that piece of controller data.

    Controller information relates directly to the device to which you are sending it. If the device does not respond to a particular controller then you will obviously not hear the results of making changes to that controller.

    Set the slider back to pitch bend.

    The other three sliders on the track header also control multiple types of controller data in the same way.

    Just like with the volume and panning controls you can insert envelops to adjust controller data over time.

    Click the Insert Pitch Bend envelope button to the right of the pitch bend slider.

    A green envelope line now runs through your track.

    You can add points to this envelope and then set them differently to create automation.

    Right click the envelope at about midway through the project and choose Add Point.

    Drag the point all the way up to the top of the track, add another point at the end of the project and drag that point all the way down.

    Play the project to hear how you've automated the pitch bend on this track.

    Point to the envelope line, hold the 'Shift' key and drag over the line. This enables you to draw the envelope in free hand and create whatever shape of envelope you want.

    Automated record tools also work here.

    Click the automation settings button to turn it on. If it's not currently set to touch, click the drop down arrow and choose Touch from the list.

    Now play the project and adjust the pitch bend slider.

    ACID records your adjustments with the automation envelope.

    Play the project back and the notes pitch reacts to the movements you just recorded.

    Click the Insert pitch bend envelope drop down arrow and select Delete pitch blend envelope from the list to delete the pitch bend envelope.

    Experiment with the other controller sliders to see how they affect your project.

    That concludes this Sony ACID Pro Tutorial.

    You will be able to get help with using ACID Pro and learning how to make beats by posting a thread in the Producer Talk forum, and by asking other Producers who upload their beats in the Homemade Beats forum.

    The tutorials I post, are not tutorials that I have written or recorded. They are simply rough audio transcripts of the videos embedded in the tutorials. The videos have been found freely available online, unless otherwise stated.
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