• Ableton Live Tutorial: Getting Started - Recording Audio

    This Ableton Live Tutorial will take you through mastering the basics of Recording Audio with Ableton Live.

    In this tutorial we're going to take a look at recording audio with Ableton Live.

    Recording audio with Ableton Live is easy, but before we start we need to make sure you have set up your audio interface correctly. If you need help with this refer to our video Setting up an External Audio Interface with Ableton Live.

    In Live there are two views for recording audio, which can be toggled using the 'Tab' key.

    We'll choose Session View for this tutorial.

    You should have one track called Audio if not, go to the Create menu and select Insert Audio Track.

    Now let's look at the In/Out section of this track, this is where you'll tell each track to look for an incoming audio signal. If you can't see this section, click on the I/O button in the lower right of the interface.

    Now let's prepare the track for recording by clicking the On button. If you're not hearing anything select the correct Input channel here, and if needed adjust the input gain on your audio interface.

    You may be hearing a delay for the moment when you play to when you actually hear the audible result in Live. This is called latency, and to correct this go to Live's Preferences by hitting 'Ctrl + comma' on PC, or 'Cmd + comma' on a Mac. In the Audio tab make the Buffer size as small as possible without crackling. Note that if you're a Windows user and have an ASIO interface, your latency settings might be in a separate control panel.

    Let's set up our count off and enable our metronome so we can record along to a click drag.

    I'm also going to set up a one bar count in by right clicking on PC, or Ctrl cliking on a Mac directly on the metronome button, and I'll select 1 Bar count in.

    Now let's activate the Metronome button.

    Next, I want to open the detail view down below so I can see the audio being recorder and the clip that I play. I'll do this by selecting 'Cmd + Opt + L' on a Mac, or 'Ctrl + Alt + L' on a PC to open it.

    To begin recording I'll click one of these record buttons, and when I'm done I'll click the Play button to play back the clip.

    Now I recorded a just over 5 bars which is a little too long, so I'm going to adjust the length of the clip to 4 bars.

    Now you can hear Live, has recorded a perfectly cut loop.

    You have now mastered the basics of recording audio with Ableton Live.

    That concludes this Ableton Live Tutorial.

    You will be able to get help with using Ableton and learning how to make beats by posting a thread in the Producer Talk forum, and by asking other Producers who upload their beats in the Homemade Beats forum.

    The tutorials I post, are not tutorials that I have written or recorded. They are simply rough audio transcripts of the videos embedded in the tutorials. The videos have been found freely available online, unless otherwise stated.
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