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    by on 14-02-2017 2:44 AM
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    AR Vazquez is a rising hip-hop artist from Manhattan, KS. He's currently working on his debut album "From the Ground Up," and a project with J-Fly titled "Black Clouds," both of which are set to be released this year.

    Thanks for taking the time to do this interview AR.

    Is there a story behind your name?
    It started as AR. AR is my first and middle initial combined. I knew eventually I would have to change my name or add on to it to ...
    by on 12-02-2017 7:14 PM

    Vic & Mo Williams just released their latest single "True Meaning of Love", check it out the video and single below!

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    by on 06-02-2017 4:27 PM

    Karaoke Geisha (Dreams of Karaoke Star) is a fresh POPPING electronic indie
    track infused with modern and traditional Japanese elements. Catchy chorus clever lyrics.
    The cherry on top was it was mastered by the grammy winner Bob Ludwig who mastered Daft Punks Get lucky


    Lawless, Kate Bio:
    Lawless, Kate lives in Connemara, in the county of Galway, Ireland.
    by on 04-02-2017 11:12 AM
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    Trone the multicultural artist was raised in D.C. The city's fast-paced and struggle has allowed him to create music from life that has influenced him and others. He had his first run in with music after deciding that instead of being a painter with a brush, he wanted to be a painter with words. Trone now has created music from all genres such as hip-hop, rap, freestyle, pop, trap, and etc.

    by on 31-01-2017 10:49 AM
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    JustUs is a rap duo consisting of artists Robbie Isn't Living & Promise. "lucky to be alive: a demo tape" is their debut project, on which they share a story that is unique but relatable.

    1 is it important?
    2 is this the start?
    3 new phone, who this?
    4 what's the business?
    5 are you that somebody?
    6 do or die?
    7 are you still down?
    by on 30-01-2017 4:32 PM
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    Senhit is an Italian pop singer of Eritrean descent. She recently released her single "Higher" in Italy and is releasing her new album "Hey Buddy" on April 4th.

    Thanks for taking the time to do this interview Senhit.

    Is there a story behind your name, Senhit?
    ‘Senhit’ is a region in Eritrea – North East Africa - which is my home country, my roots. 40 years ago my parents left Eritrea to find fortune and to establish themselves ...
    by on 30-01-2017 10:46 AM
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    Check out the latest single "Firefly" from DJ Megzz upcoming album, to be released in summer. It's a tropical house hit!

    Check out more from DJ Megzz on Twitter!

    by on 23-01-2017 1:39 AM
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    "Forward to F.Y." is the latest single from singer/songwriter Mistah J / MRJ. He describes his music as Hip Hop, R&B, with a tinge of Pop. Check it out!

    Check out more from Mistah J / MRJ on YouTube and Twitter!

    by on 18-01-2017 9:33 PM
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    Thanks for taking the time to do this interview Syreeta.

    How long have you been a musician?
    I've been playing music for 35 years.

    What first got you interested in playing music?
    Music became very natural for me. Music runs in my family line. I began playing music at the age of 9.

    What/who inspires your music?
    Wynton Marsalis is one of my biggest inspirations. Also, I love the ability to create sounds together ...
    by on 17-01-2017 10:35 PM
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    Vybe is a music producer who has produced for Nipsey, Chris Brown, Migos, T-pain, Lupe, Meek Mill and many more. He recently launched SoundMajorz.com to give back to the producer community with quality products.

    Thanks for taking the time to do this interview Vybe.

    Is there a story behind your name?
    To be honest it was so long ago that I forgot the initial spark that even made me think of Vybe but I ran with it.

    Tell me about ...
    by on 14-01-2017 4:48 PM
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    The Old Me is the latest album from professional recording artist Young Torch, this album is unique in many ways and is no doubt one of the best albums of 2016-2017. With hits singles like Distance and Off Off Off every song tells a story of what he use to be and what he's has planned for the future. This album is truly a work of art.

    1. Intro (3:31)
    2. Fuck What You Think (3:19)
    3. Toni Montanafeat. Cappah
    by on 13-01-2017 4:35 PM
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    Check out Young Tykoon's first hip hop album titled SKVNN DIVMND. We hope you enjoy listening to this different set of hip hop sounds and stories told from this album as much as we did!

    1. Kim K Prod. by Majestic (2:38)
    2. Like It Like This (Prod. by Josh Petruccio) (3:58)
    3. Money (Prod. by Omnibeats) (3:00)
    4. New Wave (Prod. by SuperstaarbBeats) (5:09)
    5. NWA (Prod. by GHXST)
    by on 07-01-2017 6:50 PM
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    FREE, is a young rapper/producer out of Miami, FL with a refreshingly alternative take on the generations ever-changing music scene.As a founding member of BISON, FREE Quotes the notion "LIGHT, LIFE, LOVE" looking to restore the culture with wholistic art,music,clothing,and vegan lifestyle.

    1. Infinity (Prod. The Alchemist)
    2. Feeling (Prod. FREE)
    3. Dade Raised
    by on 06-01-2017 9:19 AM
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    Justine is a 32 year old singer-songwriter from London, UK. She is currently working on her new EP.

    Thanks for taking the time to do this interview Justine.

    How long have you been singing?
    I have been singing since I was 6 years old. I remember the first song that I sung in front of my family. It was “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston.

    What first got you interested in becoming a singer?
    The fact ...
    by on 05-01-2017 10:31 PM

    Karah is a 17 year old pop singer-songwriter from Rosemount, Minnesota. She's currently working on her second album and will be working on another music video!

    Thanks for taking the time to do this interview Karah. Tell us a bit about yourself, your name, age, where you’re from and an interesting fact if you like...
    My name is Cara Rgnonti but I go by the name of Karah. I am a 17-year-old singer songwriter from Rosemount, Minnesota and an interesting fact about myself ...

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