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Thread: ~Youngkidd Vs. JDub Beat Battle~ [JDub Winner]

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    the realest there is mjl's Avatar
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    Default Re: ~Youngkidd Vs. JDub Beat Battle~

    jdub u should have chopped up the sample all u did was just loop loop
    and kidd i think u chopped to much shit sum stuff is out of place ..

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    Silent Productions ThugLife's Avatar
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    Default Re: ~Youngkidd Vs. JDub Beat Battle~

    voted for JDub

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    Default Re: ~Youngkidd Vs. JDub Beat Battle~

    no i ear just caught that sample as a loop and not to really be chopped...

    and on some off topic shit...if u wanna hear some chopped shit...i got some crack ima up in a while...i cant really make a post for it cuz i dont have the talent points...but this shit is straight on the look out

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    Default Re: ~Youngkidd Vs. JDub Beat Battle~

    both was tight but I gotta give it up to JDub.... sorry Kidd

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    The Official King Of Kits Zay's Avatar
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    Default Re: ~Youngkidd Vs. JDub Beat Battle~

    i agree. even thought jdub only used two loops it was easier to listen to. Kidd you had the chops but the arrangement of the chops messed up the song and it sounded horrible. so i had to give it to jdub.
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    Gold Seller Wayneksta's Avatar
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    10 Dec 2007
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    Default Re: ~Youngkidd Vs. JDub Beat Battle~

    Yo, I was feelin Jdubs at first, but i think Youngkidd's has more creativity, sounds like dipset's formating. haha. But I just liked how Youngkidd had the voice samples w/ the beat as well. The only thing wrong w/ Young's was the cut-outs were to random. If u left them drops off, the beat would be sewed up. But I'll have to vote on Youngkidd for the creative format of the Sample.

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    Registered User jyzzle's Avatar
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    17 Apr 2006

    Default Re: ~Youngkidd Vs. JDub Beat Battle~

    j dub on this 1
    his was smoother

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    Registered User tydaking's Avatar
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    14 Mar 2007

    Default Re: ~Youngkidd Vs. JDub Beat Battle~

    j dub did his thing

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    Senior Member desoto's Avatar
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    Default Re: ~Youngkidd Vs. JDub Beat Battle~

    i dont kno if thiz iz still goin on but i do wanna say that good music iz good music.... the # of chops u use doesnt matter, neither does time spent. if u took 3 days 2 chop a sample an the song comes out soundin like trash my nig theres nothin 2 be proud of..... j dubs was better but neither were amazing.....theres my vote

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    Default Re: ~Youngkidd Vs. JDub Beat Battle~

    i loop but also i chop beats also it dont say the beat had to be chopped i mean he added a lot of nice background sounds it's made it sound pro like u tryed to hard to force the beat let it come to u dont a set thing in ur mind just keep it open but i give it to jdub
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    Default Re: ~Youngkidd Vs. JDub Beat Battle~

    Kidd, needs a little work especially the drums, but I'm feelin it though.

    JDub, good job. I don't see nothing wrong with your beat, simplicity makes the rapper stand out more plus the part you sampled tells a story all by it's self. That is the secret of the perfect combo, all you need is an emotional rapper.

    JDub gets my vote.

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