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Thread: HoodSupaStar Vs The Producer (Beat Battle) [HoodSupaStar Winner]

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    Default Re: HoodSupaStar Vs The Producer

    yeah i love the callout section and this is my first time..i gotta get active in this section..haha

    the organs?..haha...thats my specialty..i usually dont reveal what i use for the organs...BUT...u can get pretty much the same exact sound with various tonewheel organs in hypersonic 2 :D

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    Default Re: HoodSupaStar Vs The Producer

    I aint hop on here to be rude or nothin..but this wasnt even a real close seems like tha producer had other things on his mind cuz i've heard better from this cat....but damn Supa...u aint had to kill the beat like that...track whuz fiya for real..but when this battle get done or when eva u feel like it hit me up for a battle...

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    04 Oct 2006
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    Default Re: HoodSupaStar Vs The Producer

    cot damn hood tht shit was fuckin crazy!!!

    sounds like some trap star/jeezy type shit..

    i'm really feelin wat u did wat the snare..

    u shoulda made sum $$$ from this beat already.. lol

    EDIT: wtf.. how u change ur name..

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    Default Re: HoodSupaStar Vs The Producer

    swisha254 is right
    wasnt even a close battle
    I also have heard better shit from Tha Producer

    Voted: HoodSupaStar, perfect mixdown

    EDIT: HoodSupaStar should sell that beat

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    Default Re: HoodSupaStar Vs The Producer

    yeah...the homie producer was occupied wit school and its no biggie..we will definately get another battle poppin..

    @NJD...i had CP change my name for me..cuz of some trademark issues..yada yada

    and @ ThugLife...i sold it this past thursday...was in the studio for the recording session this past is mean

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