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    Anybody Wanna Make a Remix To King Kong by jibbs usin the instrumental and any acapella u want holla at me lets get it on

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    nothin to special, just minor custom work on da hook.

    I'm just bored right now, If you want to get into some deeper ish with this one holla back

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    heard this @ DJMC ,sounds nice man, keep it up.....

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    heard this @ DJMC ,sounds nice man, keep it up.....

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    here mine i did a lil somethin somethin nothin to big tell what u think im feelin ur though (what Acapella Was That?)
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    the pella was DJ UNK - Beat n Down Yo Block

    I like how you mixed it up instead of using just one pella (like me), they fit good to, If only there was some way to make a hook for it using the 2

    good job though

    @ shaba- thanks man. Its nice to know somebody over there still listens
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    yeah that would be good aight u come up with a mix since u did mine and get back at me

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    Default Re: King Kong MEGAMIX.......I WIN.....

    For the HOTTEST Remixes check out

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