I've decided to cancel this past competition and start a new one. For those of you who've enter the last the last competition, you will automatically be entered into this one. Sorry guys but I need to rearrange my schedule.

This is what's up!

There need to be a minimum of 5 entries before a winner can be determined. You must be a CP Member for your entry to qualify. This competition is intended for members who want their music heard by fans of Hip Hop and music professionals. These are people that pay to go to your shows when you're in town, and support the creation of your work. If you've ever wanted to make money while using your craft, this is a great place to start.

My website is averaging over 250 visits per day. Of that daily average 80 - 100 unique visitors are visiting my website for the first time. A permanent article on my website will keep you in front of people. This forum experiences numbers far beyond mine and we are working together to put real support behind your efforts. Use our websites as references when establishing a presence in the music business. Bring us up in your interviews and continue to compete in as many copetitions as you can keep up with. People know who we are and what we're about. They to me when they need their party promoted, business started, website created or products sold. They want my help when creating new music and recording in the studios and I only refer the best people to deliver the goods. Winning a competitions that are made available to you is a create way to gain public awareness. Winning demonstrates your ability to promote and market yourself, which a valuable skill to have in my opinion.

Your feedback is valued.

Feel free to PM me your questions or concerns regarding this competition. You can also post them in this thread. If you have none, and are ready to get to the next stage of you career, enter your track in Battle 4 Exposure.