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Thread: T'Spoon - Drippin' Slow - SpoonFed

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    Default T'Spoon - Drippin' Slow - SpoonFed

    This is one of my newest tracks that will be on my new mixtape SpoonFed. Take a listen and let me know what you think! I posted a few different links so you can choose which to listen to yourself.

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    The lyrics are really dope and you def can rap. As far as the mix goes its good. The vocals got a little to much of that high frequencies in it if you know what i mean? maybe a de-esser would be good. Or just Cut em off in the EQ. But again, track is dope! HRRSN

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    Again I Fwit with this , i didnt know what the fuck to do to this beat when i first herd it , you made something out of nothing seriously , mix could be a lil better but it was still good.

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    I hear you on the Asap Rocky beat. I'm not really a fan of his song, but I felt like yours was pretty good. You had a good flow, but with your delivery I felt like it stayed the same throughout the song. When you have songs like this, your voice could progress to show different emotions. The second verse was better. I think you kind of overdid it with the adlibs and stuff, but you have potential with being a good lyricist. It got better as the song progressed however, so that's definetly a plus. Keep at it brother.


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