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Thread: The Statement (Prod. By R-skillz)

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    Default The Statement (Prod. By R-skillz)


    I produced this track a while ago and i just re-uploaded it on youtube,

    i'd like to hear what you think of it.

    8ty - The statement (Prod. By R-skillz) (HQ) - YouTube


    Drop your links as well ill return the feed. - For Beats And Professional Mixing & Mastering.

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    Default Re: The Statement (Prod. By R-skillz)

    Kind of makes me think of BOB. Overall it's good quality. I can't really think of anything to complain about. Returned feed is appreciated you'll see my threads.

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    Default Re: The Statement (Prod. By R-skillz)

    ok typing as im listening

    quality is pretty good ... u deff would sound better on trap beats .. your style and this beat seems to clash a bit

    but i would throw down on sum trap beats dude .. ud prolly get a decent reply .. probably not from rappers.. cuz alot of them hate thta shit .. but form the public ull get a decent responce

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    Default Re: The Statement (Prod. By R-skillz)

    Production wise I think this is pretty well done! I like the use of synths and the overall progression of the song.
    One thing I think it could have benefited from would of been a middle 8/bridge section to add a little more variation to the track before the last chorus/hook, although that's just my opinion.

    Otherwise I enjoyed this.

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    Default Re: The Statement (Prod. By R-skillz)

    Nice beat, vocals are okay, don't really do it for me personally, too slow and lack of emotion, more of a 'bragging about riches' track, some nice lyrics in there mind, good flow in places, I prefer your rap style when you flow slightly quick as opposed to you rapping slowly. The beat is sick though, real nice and smooth. Overall not a bad track, good listen! 7/10 -peace

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    Default Re: The Statement (Prod. By R-skillz)

    Thanks for the feed guys! Btw thats not me rappin, i only produced, mixed & mastered the track.

    Ill get back on your threads. - For Beats And Professional Mixing & Mastering.


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