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Thread: The Cypher (Prod by AS.One)

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    Icon12 The Cypher (Prod by AS.One)

    9 Rappers on 1 beat, what could possibly go wrong?? ;) haha

    Battle Rap Cypher Produced by AS.One.

    Featured Emcees:

    1. Tommy Gunz
    2. 1DaMeyz
    3. Bilshot
    4. Jeckler
    5. Mister Terminal
    6. Monk
    7. Dynamo P
    8. Jailz
    9. Synesis

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    Default Re: The Cypher (Prod by AS.One)

    Well the track by AS.One. was dope and worked well for a cypher track. I thought there was too far of a gap between the best verse and the worst. 1DaMeyz and you had the best verses, but overall there were too many dull flows on here. Jailz and Synesis weren't bad either, but minus you 4 I wasn't feeling anybody else on this one. Good shit from you though, keep it up.
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    Default Re: The Cypher (Prod by AS.One)

    Cheers 4 the feed fam -peace.


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    Default Re: The Cypher (Prod by AS.One)

    pretty sweet, that shit in your pants part had my rollin. First flow was a little loud...

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    Default Re: The Cypher (Prod by AS.One)

    The recording quality is just not there It's not the easiest to understand any of them properly
    Beat is ok but gets boring

    Verse 1 Ok delivery need more energy pretty good delivery ends horribly
    2 Cadence a real old school type flow. I liked the energy and vocal tone
    3 MOre clearly lyrically liked some of the rhyme didn't love the delivery almost sound freestyle top of the mind delivery no structure flow
    4. 1 of the best verses liked the different in the vocal tone smooth delivery and multi schemes
    5 wasn't really feeling this just seemed to rhyme this is what a rookie rapper sounds like
    6.volume could be louder Delivery is pretty good
    7 Is this 2 rappers didn't like how the doubling was used throws off a pretty good verse
    8 With the quick delivery need more volume on the verse to hear this verse could be much better
    9 Liked the energy lyrics ok kind of basic like the cadence change

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    Default Re: The Cypher (Prod by AS.One)

    this is dope B.. yo we needa collab asap
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    Default Re: The Cypher (Prod by AS.One)

    yeah 2 right bruv, I'm always up 4 collaborating, get @ me with some projects you have in mind via soundcloud if you want -peace

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    Default Re: The Cypher (Prod by AS.One)

    i like synesis the most here
    good voice and most energy here

    you were fine aswell ;) keep it up

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    Default Re: The Cypher (Prod by AS.One)

    i like this beat, not so much the recording quality
    maybe some post work?

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    Default Re: The Cypher (Prod by AS.One)

    1. Tommy Gunz - Pretty nice voice, definitely needs more umphh in his delivery...
    2. 1DaMeyz - Enunciation was a tad off in spots, good flow though
    3. Bilshot - UK in the house, delivery had the best presence so far. Good rhymes and the flow was pretty solid.
    4. Jeckler - Laid back style, definitely confident with his delivery and style. Loved his confidence and fluid rhyme flow...
    5. Mister Terminal - Mister Terminal had dope lyrics...just wished some syllables were cut to make the flow better...
    6. Monk - Pretty dope style...that last line was raw
    7. Dynamo P - Pretty hype style, definitely has an aggressive battle style that I like...overdubs were a tad loud though...
    8. Jailz - Nice verse and Jailz has a nimble flow...
    9. Synesis - Unique voice, a lot of yelling though..."Take them out the picture, Photoshop, crop it" his ability to change flow speed...good verse...

    The beat was pretty dope...wish the mixing was better yet I love cyphers. More organization next time would be slick. A beat switch-up would have been a nice addition.

    Keep me updated on new material...
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    Default Re: The Cypher (Prod by AS.One)

    i like the cypher concept, the beat fit perfect for that, there was some nice flows in there, i like this, hopefully i'll see more of this aswell. I got a cypher type beat i produced but never put out, PM me if u want it bilshot!! great job on this, peace

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    Default Re: The Cypher (Prod by AS.One)

    Damn, I'd love to hear a little reverb! Yo folk, get that energy up!!!!!! Think about the audiences expectations. I'm down to get at cypher project - WHERE THEY AT?!

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    Default Re: The Cypher (Prod by AS.One)

    Your flow was cool, overall the track jus needs to b leveled out. The beat kept me noddin my head tho. Fasho

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    Default Re: The Cypher (Prod by AS.One)


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    Default Re: The Cypher (Prod by AS.One)

    Bilshot verse was nice! Not to hurt feelings but the other ones need a stronger delivery. I heard some good rhyme schemes but the style behind it didnt give me what i'd like to hear as a fan and part of hip hop. But we all have a starting spot. Keep it up..i see talent!

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