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Thread: Snappin Remix featuring Crak Kokane

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    Default Snappin Remix featuring Crak Kokane

    I did the beat, I rapped the First verse, though Its a roughdraft for my mixtape, I just wanna know what yall think about the concept. I know my kicks aint correct i'ma fix that, but everything else??

    Snappin remix Feat. Crak Kokane
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    Default Re: Snappin Remix featuring Crak Kokane

    can ya hook me up with a mp3

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    Default Re: Snappin Remix featuring Crak Kokane

    sure. i'll make it free on my soundclick page crak kokane

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    Default Re: Snappin Remix featuring Crak Kokane

    I sorta like it but not really it has its way i could like it maybe

    but a few problems are clear..T-pain doesn't sound right on his part..tha beat is doing way too much..then on da hook when it comes it it jus switches da whole groove and then tha piano comes outta no where kinda strange soundin

    Your verse was cute and animated nice lil touch..i like that u were created and tried to change the beat a lil bit but your synths are loud and sort of drown out joc and t pain not to mention they are slightly off beat...

    im not feelin that piano it came outta no where and i aint feelin it...and on my fave part of da song u jus let it fall

    tha awwwwwwwwww snap part that break down was mad weak and then it jus stops...

    you should either leave tha beat alone or reformat what you was doing..get rid of that synth and piano turn it down ... tha mix isn't so great

    but your vocal quality on ur verse is good

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    Default Re: Snappin Remix featuring Crak Kokane

    smh another club song its aight kinda borin dow after awhile

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    Default Re: Snappin Remix featuring Crak Kokane

    iight. got cha.

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