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Thread: Slow Down (ABA Remix)

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    hey guys. well as you know, you've prolly seen me around this forum just posting blends that i've made. if you didn't know, this asian kid kinda started on rapping . nothing special about my lyrics, but i'd like some feedback on what you guys think of it. i'll keep more coming if anyone's interested in me, haha. thanks.


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    just try not to sound mono tone
    but its good

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    Default Re: Slow Down (ABA Remix)

    you have to reply to three people before you post then u will get some responces

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    Default Re: Slow Down (ABA Remix)

    sorry about that guys. my bad.

    i responded to:
    Efdouble- Break My Back
    Some New Shit! Check it! - DJ Danger
    Skyscrap3r ft Ne-Yo: Dream

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    quality not bad, you defenitly need to work on delivery, defenitly work on your intros man, when you said Firefly i wanted to turn it off, you sound like you got potential tho

    hey do you got anyone makin beats for you or abny shit over original beats?


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